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    I want some desktop speakers . . . beginner questions:

    I'd start with both volume and treble boost set to 0, and go from there.  If they are bright, lower the treble, if dark, raise it.  Same for volume.  if you have your pre-amp maxed, and still want more volume, add volume at the speakers, if you are lacking fine volume control in your normal...
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    I want some desktop speakers . . . beginner questions:

    If there is one in your area, hit up Guitar Center and give their monitors a listen.  When I went, they were very helpful,  which basically means they left me alone in their studio/mixing room with my iPod hooked up to their switcher, and probably 25 different models of studio monitors.  I ended...
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    Help picking out a basic pocket amp for travel cans.

    I just did a mini^3 build for a friend of mine. Parts total came out just a few cents shy of $130, but that included the $40 for the panel set, so figure $90 for a mini^3 build if you drill your own panels. The only thing that makes the build difficult is the surface mount chips, but they...
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    Head-Fi/Can Jam @ Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 (CJ@RMAF 2009): It's Official!

    Just FYI, If anyone is interested in coming in to town early, the weekend prior to RMAF is the Great American Beer Festival (Great American Beer Festival). The combination would make for quite the vacation! nine
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    Colorado High-Fi Meet 7/25/09 Impressions

    I'll add my thanks to everyone that showed up, vendors and ordinary Joes alike. It was great to get to listen to all the different rigs, most of which were well out of my price bracket (at least the way the economy is going right now). I definitely liked both the LA7000's and the HD800's. I...
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    Colorado High-Fi 2009 Summer Meet 7-25-09 (UPDATED DATE/LOCATION!)

    Looking forward to tomorrow. Also I want to get added to the list for pizza&beer at Crucials Nine
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    Colorado High-Fi 2009 Summer Meet 7-25-09 (UPDATED DATE/LOCATION!)

    I haven't been real active on here lately, but you can put me down for the meet. I've gotten a couple of new sources since last years meet, a Duet and an AMB Gamma-1, both of which I'll plan on bringing. I should also have an M^3 with HD-600's, and an Ipod Classic 5g -> Mini^3->ATH-ESW9 portable...
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    Anyone know of a good (no spyware) dvd ripper and video encoder?

    Quote: Originally Posted by krmathis HandBrake what he said nine
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    Stock senn 650 cable and DIY question

    The wire is enamel coated (like magnet wire), which provides the insulation and the color. If you are trying to solder to the stock wire, you will need take some fine sandpaper to the wire ends to rub the enamel off. nine
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    computer audio interfaces - double as a headphone amp?

    Check out the Apogee Duet. It's a little more than your budget, but is definitely worth the extra $$, especially if you are looking to record with Logic. Apogee Website: Apogee Electronics: Premium Digital Audio Solutions There are also a couple extensive threads on Head-Fi discussing it...
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    Apogee mini-DAC vs Apogee Duet - the shootout begins.

    I'm running my Duet on a 1Ghz Powerbook G4 with 1.12GB (1GB + 128MB) of memory under 10.5.4, with no playback issues. I haven't tried recording... nine
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    Kits for a portable amp.

    The Alps website (here) doesn't list a 100k stereo pot with switch as a stock item, although it looks like it might be available as a special order (minimum quantity is unknown, probably at least 100). Mouser lists the 100k stereo non-switched pot (p/n 688-RK0971210D97) as "On Order"...
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    What Port is this ?

    If your looking for a mating connector, I believe it's an MCX, although it's hard to tell from the photos nine
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    Multimeter or Continuity Tester???

    Go through error401's list, and pick one of the meters with a continuity function. The audible beep is absolutely invaluable when trying to trace out cables. If you are really inclined to spend money, I'd suggest investing in a good set of very fine tipped probes. Most of the probes that come...
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    help with the mini^3

    U1 serves as the constant current source for the charging circuit, A problem there would definitely prevent charging. nine
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    help with the mini^3

    I'd reflow the solder joints on U1 and D3, they look a little suspect to me. nine
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    help with the mini^3

    To test the fuse in your multimeter: set the meter to Ohms mode, on a low Ohms scale (200 ohms will work fine). Remove the black (-) lead and set it aside. Connect the red (+) lead to the ohms jack, and insert the tip of the red probe into the current (Amps) jack, making contact with the...
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    Allison Crowe -- Simply Amazing

    Thanks for the tip. Looks like most of her music is available for download at her web site here in 128kbps MP3 nine
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    Help => My Senn HD280PRO

    The replacement cable is $27.43 (+ shipping) from It's easily user replaceable by anyone who can use a screwdriver
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    Jambo DAC

    This sounds like a great project. I'll definitely be interested in a kit when they're available. nine
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    Looking for a multimeter

    The advice in the tangent article is excellent. The only recommendations I'd add are find something with selectable auto-ranging (auto-ranging or fixed range), and continuity buzzer. I've ended up with 4 meters: Fluke 79 - bought this new about 20 years ago. At the time, it was the top of...
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    Singlepower's Colorado Summer Meet - 7.26.08

    It's on the calendar. I'd also be available on Friday to help set-up if needed. As for equipment, I was going to bring my M^3, but it looks like we may already have 2-3 of them. I've also got a Mini^3 that I can bring. Beyond that, just have to see what I get built between now and then. nine
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    HD280's Built With 555/595 Drivers???? And HD555 & HD595 Use Exact Same Driver???

    I suspect the circuit board provides connection points for the microphone in the various HDM-290/291 configurations. I haven't taken mine apart to take a look, however. nine
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    $150 speakers outperforming $100 headphones?

    How are you driving the headphones? without a headphone amp of some sort, you are probably hearing the limitations of the amp in your soundcard. The speakers have their own amp, so the soundcard isn't working anywhere near as hard to drive them. nine
  25. nine

    Pushing the envelope with PCB height... using thin insulating material?

    I was planning on ordering from for my M^3 build. They have a couple different thicknesses of teflon sheet, and a bunch of other stuff that they will custom cut. Prices look decent, although I haven't seen what they charge for shipping yet. nine