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    Internet Scavenger Hunt

    show me something sharp by paul chen
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    2008 NBA Playoffs Thread

    I will stew in my Boston pride. Beat LA
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    yoda still wins
  4. XGJFilmsX

    My mum say's I need a razor...

    Gillette the best a man can get
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    Where Did Your Economic Stimulus Get Spent?

    im happy to see it going to bills
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    Wedding Pictures and Earth Quake

    wowsa they are luck they lived
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    Most Hated Baseball Team?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tjkurita I hate the Red Sox because I hate the town of Boston and the region of New England in general. No offense, of course. But the fact that I have to say "no offense" shows just how ridiculous and insecure and pathetic the dwellers of that region are. No...
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    "Bump" Definition?

    bump on bump action
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    My new ink!!!!

    getting any color with it?
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    Flavio is AMERICAN!

    congratulations and don't listen to all the pessimists
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    what does IC mean?

    if your communist it means integrated community
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    Apple's Safari on a PC.

    who would want to poison their computer with that program?
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    Please sign the petition. Animal Cruelty

    Quote: Originally Posted by plainsong Oh but it's not art by a long shot. +1 ignore. whether you think it is or isn't its still advertisement
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    Video: Lambo vs. Toyota

    psssh lets put a nos kit in the lambo then try it again the supra cheated
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    Please sign the petition. Animal Cruelty

    i love survival of the fittest and more props to you guys for spreading his art
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    Climate Change Is Not Caused By Cosmic Rays, According To New Research

    i say we increase global warming little survival of the fittest never hurt
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    And so the US of A enters the Great Depression of 2008?

    we are no where close to the great depression how could anyone say that
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    The falling US Dollar and its impact on US Head-fiers

    maybe we should just give everyone money.......
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    multiplication before addition

    pemdas is the way to go