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  1. nekomura

    good sounding rock albums?

    Rory Gallagher : Tattoo Rory Gallagher : Calling Card The Who : Quadrophenia The Who : The Kids Are Alright
  2. nekomura

    Beginner Albums For Classical and Jazz

    Miles Davis - Kind of Blue Bill Evans - Portrait in Jazz Bill Evans - Waltz for Debby The thing heard easily compared it was chosen.
  3. nekomura

    Favorite Live Band

    Favorite Live Band is The Who,U2,Rory Gallagher
  4. nekomura

    Post your current 'in heavy rotation' album

    Bill Evans「Portrait in Jazz 」 This album is a heavy of recent rotation.
  5. nekomura

    Best Metal Album Productions

    Metallica is my favorite. I think that it is a considerable quality.