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  1. arfett

    The Audio-gd Compass (Was: Designing an alternative to the Zero DAC/amp)

    Would the DAC in the compass be worse/comparable/better than the Firestone Audio Spitfire DAC?
  2. arfett

    Can't seem to find any solid state amps with balanced in/out & 1/4 out for $450

    I've been looking for a few days now and even searching through posts in this forum and can't seem to find a solid state amp with the balanced ins and outs with an otpion for 1/4 out as well for $450 or less. Does such an amp exist?
  3. arfett

    Shipped DT880s - no sound on right channel until smacked?

    I just sold a pair of DT880s and the buyer said, "When they arrived, most of the sound came from the left and maybe 10% volume came from the right, sounded hollow with no bass or mids, just scratchy highs." He gave the right side a smack and it's been fine since even after shaking it up a lot to...
  4. arfett

    Thoroughly confused

    I suppose I'll take a stab at this. Bit perfect audio is an attempt to send your music digitally with all the 1s and 0s reaching the destination perfectly to a device that will decode it and turn it into an analog signal that you can hear through your headphones. I personally don't think it...
  5. arfett

    EAC Foobar ASIO4ALL WASAPI Settings Pictorial

    Quote: Originally Posted by olblueyez You're Welcome. Fixt. I HAD to. I'm OCD about that stuff.
  6. arfett

    what player do you guys use on your PC?

    It's all about foobar2000 with masstagger plugin. You can tag anything and convert formats from one to another with ease.
  7. arfett

    What headphones do you have, and what do you still want?

    Have: DT-770 Pro 250ohms & DT-880 250ohms. Want: HD-650
  8. arfett

    AD900 - A subbjective story with a detailed review

    The split headband cushions look pretty cool.
  9. arfett

    Which one will it be: Sennheiser 650 or Beyerd 880 or AKG 702?

    I'm only going to use the compass as my amp for a short period. I'm getting some HD-650s soon and probably a Gilmore Lite amp. The compass will then be only a cheap DAC/backup amp in case anything happens to the Gilmore. I haven't had a chance to try the 990s, but I really like the high end...
  10. arfett

    Looking for comfortable headphones for PC gaming and video viewing

    I like my Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pros for gaming. Of all the headphones I've tried I've found it has the most accurate soundstage in FPS games so I can tell exactly where everyone is rather than simply knowing the general direction.
  11. arfett

    Zero + HD600?

    Quote: Originally Posted by saintalfonzo The amp in the stock zero sounds way too harsh in the higher frequencies to my ears, although I haven't tried it with the hd600. I didn't notice any harshness when testing with HD-600s.
  12. arfett

    Should I just return my headphones? (electronics expo)

    You should definitely return and keep copies of the receipt and your order so you can provide it to your credit card company.
  13. arfett

    My SR80 Tragedy :(

    You have my sincere condolences.
  14. arfett

    And they say that crack is addictive

    LOL nice. I'm about to take the plunge on a new DAC, Gilmore Lite AMP and some HD-650s. This is like a grand worth of equipment.
  15. arfett

    Media Player Options for FLAC?

    I recommend foobar2000 especially since it's super easy to tag files with it and the masstagger plugin.
  16. arfett

    EAC Foobar ASIO4ALL WASAPI Settings Pictorial

    Thanks for this guide.
  17. arfett

    lost trying to find a set of phones

    You're not really going to find any nice headphones at a big box shop. Just go to and look up audio shops in your area and call them to see if they have those headphones on display. If you're planning on purchasing these headphones with a credit/debit card then you're just as...
  18. arfett

    Which one will it be: Sennheiser 650 or Beyerd 880 or AKG 702?

    I didn't mean to insinuate the 880s are better for rock than the Sennheisers. Once I get my HD650s I'll most likely just use them for everything as I'm looking for something that is great at everything. The 880s are not great at everything as they have almost no bass (on the new version at...
  19. arfett

    Zero + HD600?

    No. You can simply grab some pliers or even use your fingers (I use fingers) to pull the chips out and pop in the new ones. The only "difficult" part is just checking the pins before you put one in to make sure they are all strait as to not bend any when pushing in.
  20. arfett

    Zero + HD600?

    Using the Zero in my signature made my friend's HD-600s have bass notes that lasted much longer and were definitely thumpier than directly out of the sound card. I haven't used his cans on anything better so I can't comment on whether they were reaching their potential, but the Zero will...
  21. arfett

    Help picking a stereo only sound card...

    HT Omega - Claro That might be pretty good. Has a built in headphone amplifier as well.
  22. arfett

    Loving the New Macbook Pro and Apple customer service!

    I wonder if Apple is still having the issue with smelly macbooks.
  23. arfett

    Replacement for HD555s need more oomph/warmth

    If you try the 880s then do not try the new version if you love lots of bass. These are easily the clearest sounding headphones I've ever used and I love them for rock, but for anything electronica I need to use my 770s for the bass.
  24. arfett

    The Audio-gd Compass (Was: Designing an alternative to the Zero DAC/amp)

    God this thing looks great. Once I have my 50 posts I'm going to sell my 880s and Zero and try to get one of these.