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  1. asHeroc

    Audio issues with Beyerdynamic DDT770 Pro 32 Ohm

    Hi there.   So I recently went from the Audio-Technica ATH-M50 to the Beyerdynamic DDT770 Pro 32 Ohm and so far it has been a fine experience. However, I bought them when I was travelling and only had my iPhone and MacBook present there. It went really well on those. Nice sound and volume and...
  2. asHeroc

    Beyerdynamic DDT770 32 ohm - Not enough volume?

    First off, hello everyone! I finally decided to become a member of these forums after a long time just staring at the threads offered here.   Now, as for my question.   I recently bought the Beyerdynamic DDT770 32 ohm version. I want to be able to take my headphones with me when I travel...