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  1. Luvan01

    How old are you?

    Many young ones here (no offense). I am a bit older actually....
  2. Luvan01

    American cars seem to cost so little money.

    Quote: American owned car manufacturers in general don't make reliable vehicles, with a few exception. If you look at repair histories of cars, the top 2 makes are Toyota and Honda. Next comes most of the remaining Japanese companies. Then Korean. Then a big gap to American. And finally...
  3. Luvan01

    Isn't it illegal...?

    Quote: After watching that video, it made me think that higher taxes weren't so bad after seeing what was going on. No, it is rather good if You think about it. I can go to see a doctor and pay about 30USD for the visit. If there is something wrong with me and I have to stay in the...
  4. Luvan01

    Isn't it illegal...?

    Quote: Actually Customs has a guide to do exactly that and employees whose job it is to make up these prices and tell you what it is worth and it is you that would have to go to court to argue against that, not the government. Maybe in the US but not in Europe. Not that I know of...
  5. Luvan01

    Isn't it illegal...?

    Quote: Well.. It's up to you how much USED equipment is worth isn't it? Finally, I have been waiting for that!! Nobody can tell You what a used object is worth unless they have some kind of govermentguide to work with. If I pay 100USD for a piece of a broken beerbottle who can...
  6. Luvan01

    SPORTS BIKE riders out there?? Show us what you got!

    Quote: and a gallon of gasoline is $8,3! I have no sympathy for You!! I pay about the same (live in Sweden, 30km from Copenhagen). My bike at the moment: But I am thinking about buying a used -05, like this: As You said, the sound is wonderful and every time I start...
  7. Luvan01

    top 10 most useless items of crapola

    Quote: are you serious leaf blower, thats a legitimate product. Yepp, for people that are to lazy to use a rake.
  8. Luvan01

    SPORTS BIKE riders out there?? Show us what you got!

    Quote: but it's all I can afford as a student. Understandable, with the extra taxes You got on bikes (and cars) in Denmark Quote: Picked up a 2008 Honda VFR 800 ABS last week. Nice with a bit of snow. You land softer when You crash I will get back with pics of my...
  9. Luvan01

    top 10 most useless items of crapola

    Dont touch my bananahanger! The most important item that I own and I cant live my life without it. Actually I think it looks cool But the baby wipe warmer? You will get spoiled kids if You use that one. Whats next? Heat up their chair in school?
  10. Luvan01

    We are famous - we made Gizmodo news

    They wont get the Nobelprice for that....
  11. Luvan01

    Going back

    Go make Your parents proud (and good luck).
  12. Luvan01

    Please kick Head-Fi:er "cling" in the balls..

    ...and tell him to check his mailbox and PMbox! I dont have the posts I need to post in the Salespart of this Forum so I have tried other ways to contact him but no luck so far! I hate the rule of 50 posts and one month membership but I also understand why You have it!