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  1. snpower

    Schiit Bifrost 2/64 + Uptone Audio USB Regen

    Is using the Regen with Unison likely to have any affect either way?
  2. snpower

    Uptone Audio Regen USB w/Schiit Unison

    Curious if anyone is using the two in tandem? I don't hear anything extra after adding a Bifrost 2/64 to my Lyr 3. Previously I used the internal multibit card.
  3. snpower

    Feedback by 'snpower' on listing 'Schiit Wyrd'

    Great guy to deal with!
  4. For Sale  Schiit Wyrd

    60.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Ships to
    1. United States of America
    If you are one of the unison usb holdouts, this is for you potentially! Schiit Wyrd decrapifer. Like new, comes with manual, power cord, and short usb cable. Very little use; price includes shipping to the lower 48. Pictures will be posted asap.
  5. snpower

    Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

    So I am going to give a huge shout out to team Schiit. Several weeks ago I sent my Gungnir Multibit back via their upgrade system to do the unison update. I used FedEx... I have heard stories about their handling of hi fi gear but I get a 75% interline discount so... They lost it. It hit...
  6. snpower

    Feedback by 'snpower' on listing 'Grado SR325'

    Great guy to deal with!
  7. snpower

    DC Area Head-Fi Meet Planning (ongoing)

    Is there any sort of sign up list? I am in Charlottesville and am going to attend.
  8. snpower

    Lyr 3 - The new Coherence™ and Continuity™ hybrid amplifier from Schiit - Impression & discussion thread

    Just updated my Lyr 3 with a VT231 Hytron 6SN7 and a Biftost 2/64. Loving it. Grado RS1X... volume knob stays around 8, maybe 9 o'clock ;) MUCH better than the internal multibit card in the Lyr...
  9. snpower

    Feedback by 'snpower' on listing 'Schiit Bifrost 2/64'

    Great seller - communicative, fast shipping, well packaged. Pleasure to do business with!
  10. For Sale  Grado SR325

    140.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Ships to
    1. North America
    Original version of the SR325; I am the second owner having purchased these from another Head Fi member a few years ago. These come with G-Pads, and the cord has the larger headphone plug - I do not have the original box. Some f the lettering is slightly faded upon close inspection. The headband...
  11. snpower

    Black Ice Glass FX DAC ?

    Does anyone have recent experience with one of these?
  12. snpower

    Schiit Bifrost vs. Black Ice (DAC to pair with Lyr 3)

    I’m running a Lyr 3 multibit paired with Senn HD6XX and Grado RS1X. I’m itching for a better DAC - while the BF is the default choice I’ve looked at the Black Ice FX Tube DAC and it seems exciting. I’ll go to $1200 or so. I use a Gumby in my two channel system so Schiit is where my knowledge...
  13. snpower

    Comment by 'snpower' on listing 'Shure SE535 IEM'

    Greeting… Are these still available?
  14. snpower

    [Help] Schiit Lyr 3 not seen by Mac OS X with ISO REGEN in the chain

    Hopefully the title explains my issue. I have to unplug the ISO Regen, plug in the Lyr 3 directly to my Mac, and then it appears. Thereafter, I can add the Regen back into the chain and everything is good until I power down/sleep the machine.
  15. snpower

    iFi AC Purifier, iX (USB Product) or other "tweak"

    I ran across a used Uptone USB Regen and pulled the trigger. We shall see...
  16. snpower

    iFi AC Purifier, iX (USB Product) or other "tweak"

    Relatively new to headphone audio; I have a Schitt Lyr 3 w/Grado 325e running Tidal and ripped music from a Macbook Pro. I am considering purchasing one or more of the aforementioned accessories. It seems to me that one might want to start with the incoming power signal first, hence the AC...
  17. snpower

    Headphones for Lyr 3: HD650, HE560 or... ?

    Well... I have picked up a set of gently used Grado 325s from a Head Fi member. That should be a good step up from where I am now, and I can continue to research other options as my leisure...
  18. snpower

    Headphones for Lyr 3: HD650, HE560 or... ?

    Oh boy... I just did a bit of reading about HiFiMan on here.
  19. snpower

    Headphones for Lyr 3: HD650, HE560 or... ?

    I'm relatively new to dedicated desktop listening. For a few years I have used an AudioQuest DragonFly Black with some Sennheiser HD25SP's. I recently acquired a Lyr 3 with the MultiBit Dac, and it is paired with the Grado SR80e. I think I'm aware that the headphones are the limiting factor...
  20. snpower

    Moving Up From AudioQuest Dragonfly //DAC and Amp Recommendations

    Funny... I had read about the Mojo and it slipped my mind. Given that I travel, and have a second computer... the Mojo might be the way to go.
  21. snpower

    Moving Up From AudioQuest Dragonfly //DAC and Amp Recommendations

    Apologies, I should have specified. I'd prob. go $1,000 for a DAC and Headphone AMP. For the DAC I'd also like something that would work in a smaller, two channel system w/bookshelf speakers.
  22. snpower

    Moving Up From AudioQuest Dragonfly //DAC and Amp Recommendations

    Greetings, I've owned a DragonFly Black with Sennheiser HD25sp's for about three years; I am interested in going to the next level and to that end I just purchased Grado SR80e's and a Cambridge DACMagic Plus. My "go to" wishlist choice has been the BiFrost but Crutchfield's liberal return...
  23. snpower

    Citypulse 7.2 DAC Repair ?

    My Citypulse is acting up. The headphone output works, as does the variable output. Just popping noises when switching to the optical input and no sound at all when using the fixed output. I was hoping to locate a schematic or find a repair shop that deals with these units (probably both are...