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    ZMF November // 2023 // MEGATHREAD!

    What cable are you using?
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    ZMF November // 2023 // MEGATHREAD!

    Can you talk a little more about the new "mega" salire? I am interested and will wait for it if it is coming anytime soon. Thank you.
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    Comment by 'viazcan' on listing 'Sony MDR Z1R'

    No trades for now. Thanks for looking.
  4. For Sale  ZMF ZMF Verite Open

    1550.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Ships to
    1. United States of America
    Comes with 4-pin and 6.35mm (1/4") Stock Cables, Universe Lambskin & Universe Hybrid (both perforated), ZMF Crescent Strap, and paperwork. $1550 Shipped with G/S
  5. For Sale  Sony MDR Z1R

    1050.00 USD
    Excellent/Like new
    Ships to
    1. United States of America
    Original owner - Excellent condition. Original pads. Comes with 4.4mm and 3.5 cables and paperwork. $1050 Shipped with G/S
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    I’m new here

    Hello Steve!
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    New Member Introductions thread

    Hello team, Long time reader. Currently have a few ZMF and the 800s. Looking forward to adding my limited 2 cents where I can. Just having fun.
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    Can I use LCD-X to run on treadmill?

    You are already getting a neck workout with the Audeze's weight lol
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    The ZMF Weight Project

    Verite Open Silkwood ZMF Crescent Strap Aluminum Chassis 481g
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    For those of us with multiple headphones, which ones are you listening with now?

    Using my ZMF Verite Opens that is hooked up to a Monolith 124459 Dac/Amp.
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    4 Demo Tracks Every Audiophile Should Know | Moon Audio

    This was interesting. Will look to get 4 songs that I will use to make sure a headphone can meet my preferences.
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    Last Chance to Pick Up the Final Audio D8000 Pro Limited Edition at Audio46

    A $500 upcharge for a paint job is too much for me.
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    Dekoni x HIFIMAN Cobalt (Tour info here)

    Looking forward to more reviews.
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    Comment by 'viazcan' in item 'Moondrop MoonZero'

    Wonder how they will compare with Stax.
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    Introducing the Audeze MM-500!

    Exactly my thoughts on them. I thought they sounded amazing for electronic music.
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    Introducing the Audeze MM-500!

    Just heard these at an audio store. Very interested in picking some up.
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    ZMF Atrium Closed; Release Day Info, Decware OTL, Content and more!

    I bought an Atrium Closed Cherry. I read that as it ages, it will darken or so. Will it look similar to the offered "aged finish" that is a finish option? I just wanna get an idea of how much of a change I should expect.
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    Minnesota Meet 2021

    We should get a gang together and hit a CanJam. The June Chicago one is about 6 hours away from the twin cities.
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    ZMF November 2022 is here!!!

    Can someone confirm if the VO/VC 500 deal is a flat 500 off the total or 500 off each headphone (-1000)? I have seen both interpretations and wanna be sure. Verite Bundle Discount: If you bundle a VO and a VC of any type, we will discount the purchase of the two headphones by $500 USD.