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  1. pabmen

    Yamaha HPH-200 (Pictures and review) [Updated]

    Hey, I'm from Argentina too  I think I'm gonna buy one of these. Do you still like it? How much sound isolation/leakage has? And, what about the build quality?   Thanks!
  2. pabmen

    Yamaha EPH-100

    One pic more :D  
  3. pabmen

    Can you recommend some in-ear monitors for around $150?

    Maybe the Yamaha EPH-100, it offers good isolation and good microphonics when worn over the ear. Also are good looking.
  4. pabmen

    Yamaha EPH-100

    Quote: I didn't change anything, this happened 2 day ago on the fly, while listening from my iPod. Same happens in my MacBook and Sansa.
  5. pabmen

    Yamaha EPH-100

    After one month of using this great IEMs, the right speaker begin to buzzing/rattling. Tracks like Bach's Toccata And Fugue (Dr. Chesky's last binaural album) or Rider to the Sea (Anna Calvi) make this worse, even on both speakers.   :(