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    Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

    hello everyone can someone please advise the best budget cable for Orivetti 700VB. I am trying to tame the upper mid range harshness/shoutiness. But i do not want to compensate the treble extension. please help. Regards RaB. i have juzear limpid/ bqez copper. sources: M15/ Fiio KA5/ Moondrop...
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item '7Hz Sonus'

    long winding unnecessary ramblings for all but a sketchy conclusion.
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    Sound Rhyme impression thread

    Can you help me....I have kiwi ears orchestra lite..........i want to choose between SR5 and Quintet. I am looking for clarity in mid range, sub bass and sparkle in treble /air and good sound stage. I find the kiwi ears orchestra lite having their mids pushed a bit too forward and the treble...
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Sound Rhyme SR5'

    @gooberbm Sir i did not get your point as i had concurred with the fact that you are a respected and trusted reviewer. So where does this nose thumbing and all comes in ?
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'DUNU Kima Classic'

    bro i am not criticizing so much of hard work and detail you put in your not all . What i am suggesting is that this sort of hard work deserves to be respected and honored. If you would just hide the detailed review and post ur introduction and conclusion it would just do...
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'DUNU Kima Classic'

    Gets confused in congested tracks...........i got confused with the review. Lost the introduction while i came to the conclusion. Are you anyway related to the Arkos channel guy. He does the same thing but more irritatingly by speech. His videos are so unnecessary and lengthy , i had to request...
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Moondrop Chu II'

    Mids are slightly recessed.......................oh no.
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Sound Rhyme SR5'

    yes he is. ...............well respected reviewer I trust............
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Sound Rhyme SR5'

    @domq422 He has P8. Same as you he has not tried out P5.
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Sound Rhyme SR5'

    sir one more question. how will u place sr5 with reference to aful p5? regards
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Sound Rhyme SR5'

    Thank you Sir. Your words of personal experience does weigh a lot more than trying to compare across the reviews for the iems reading separately. Thank you for bringing forth the differences so distinctly. regards
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Sound Rhyme SR5'

    can u put in a line as to how SR5 distinguishes itself from Mangird tea or Tea2? thank you.
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    JUZEAR (formerly JUNEAR) Impression Thread

    what does it do that Aful p5 does not/cannot ?
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'KiwiEars Quintet'

    Sir where do you put Aful P5, SR5 , Kiwi Orchestra Lite and Final A5000 in reference to the Quintet. I am really really tempted after reading your perceptions. But$220 is a lot for me. I have Aful 5, was considering only one from the other 3. thanking you regards
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    Truthear Impressions/Discussion

    a mini Monarch Mk2.....................................:scream::scream::scream:
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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'KZ AS24'

    are you sure? i mean... a 9.5 :fearful: from you is a compelling dictation in my dictionary.
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    The discovery thread!

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    Reply to review by 'RaB7382' on item 'Truthear Zero: Red'

    "I listen to music and I'm not trying to analyse every piece of information from the track." That is exactly what I should have learnt way back. It is ABSOLUTELY right.
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    The discovery thread!

    i will try to explain. I am also noob in this forum. What i understood my brothers and sisters in this forum appreciate/expect/motivate one's self opinion on any gear however contrasting it may be to the trending opinions. Your own opinion will never be undermined. But quoting or pasting someone...
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    The discovery thread!

    Bro why are you taking it personally, you are ABSOLUTELY right to express YOUR opinion. 'shill' nowadays is a phrase to cut short the topic. That is ALL.
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    The discovery thread!

    bro cool down, what he means i think is that if YOU had presented your own opinion, it would be surely welcome. Referring to shill opinions blindly, irritates the forum sentiments. import Timmy import shill import NLP prompt: 'hey timmy , you never spoke about JD7' prompt: 'did you' prompt...
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    The discovery thread!

    awesome just awesome reply.
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    The discovery thread!

    Timmy ( Gizzaudio)... please let him keep his scoring to himself. And yes he HAS to underscore or score on par with anything his mentor creates/touches/speaks/collabs. we keep on saying ozone free, ghg emission free, etc. Why cannot we just say or assume a Crinacle free IEM atmosphere to promote...