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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'Hidizs MS1 Galaxy'

    The blockbuster budget battle - Hidizs MS1 Galaxy v Moondrop Chu - both £19.99 Hidizs are a Chinese Company. That means they can somehow produce decent stuff at ridiculously low prices. Products that a ChiFi enthusiast can get excited about are available at under £20. How do they do it? I...
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'Simgot EA1000 "Fermat" In-Ear Monitor'

    Single Dynamic Driver IEM with 3 differently tuned nozzles - £219.99 Simgot - Fermat's Last Theorem With gratitude to Simgot for including myself in their reviewer distribution, I hereby contribute my take on Fermat's Theorem. No money has been exchanged in return for this, or any other...
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'Simgot EM6-L'

    Simgot EM6L Phoenix £104 1 DD 4 BA 3D Resin Printed 2 Pin IEM In a rush? What better companion to share the stress with than an IEM? Pop em in your ears, plug em into your phone. Voíla! Instant music, great distraction. Now, where was I? Thanking Simgot Audio for their kindly review model of...
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    Custom Ear Molds for IEMs

    Correct. But, with heat, it can be reversed. It needs skill to do it, bit it can be done
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'HIFIMAN HE6se'

    SHARE In which I thank my suppliers and give a casual introduction and generally set the tone for the musings which will follow I got married in 2019. Typically of me it was a laid back experience where things just seemed to fall into place. That is, until HiFIMan came along. The esteemed...
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    CanJam London 2023 (August 19-20, 2023)

    Looking forward to seeing new and old faces in London:)I'll be there for both days. Am toying with the idea of seeing Metallica live at the Cinema on Fri night if there's anyone interested in that. I shall just go with the flow and mingle and listen to a few bits when I'm not chatting or at the...
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    HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless is Available Now - A True Wireless ANC Earbuds for Audiophiles!

    First written review
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    HIFIMAN Svanar Wireless is Available Now - A True Wireless ANC Earbuds for Audiophiles!

    the batterries arent user replaceable-the warranty lasts 2 years(18 months plus a 6 month extension if you join their Facebook group) I'll leave HiFiMan to address the more long term concerns, because its obviously a good point you're making
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'HIFIMAN SVANAR Wireless'

    EXCLUSIVE WORLD FIRST LOOK AT HIFIMAN SVANAR R2R TWS EARBUDS Hello my name is Trev, AKA Takeanidea AKA The Geekologist. If you want a straight up straight down take on things, you have arrrived at the right place on the World Wide Web. Congratulations. You have found me. Today, I’ve been...
  10. HIFIMAN SVANAR Wireless


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    Lavricables - Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Here's my review on an HE1000 Stealth cable they make, with recordings of the stock cable and the lavricable
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'Lavricables Grand Silver Cable'

    Lavricables Grand Series The great cable debate This is all about a custom cable. Before we start, there is a great deal of debate on this subject, and I won't be shying away from that. The elephant in the room is the custom cable that replaces the freely supplied stock cable that came with...
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    Introducing HIFIMAN AUDIVINA--New Closed-Back Planar Headphones!

    Absolutely this is not the sound impression from the Audivina, and I have evidence to back that up, as submitted on my YouTube video
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    Reply to review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets'

    Yep it's on the HiFiMan website under HE1000
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets'

    The legend gets Stealth Magnets Introducing Version 3 of HiFiMan's HE1000 And in they come with stealth magnets for the 1000s. HiFiMan are interfering with a truly cherished headphone! First of all, let me justify this lofty comment. The HE1000 - this is the one - this is the striking...
  16. HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets

    HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets

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    SMSL D300 Decoder ROHM BD34301EKV Bluetooth 5.0 DAC

    Late to the party but mine is due to arrive today. I have a D200. I also have a Lampizator DAC4 which uses an R2R chip. We'll see what the D300 can do compared....
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'SMSL DO200 MKII'

    It looks battery operated but it needs the mains Introduction Kindly provided by , this is the latest SMSL, the MKII version of the DO200 has had an overhaul. The DO200 MKII is available here - and is currently...
  19. SMSL DO200 MKII


    MQA rendering, via USB & SPDIF. DSD decoding, via all 5 digital inputs. 2x ES9068AS Dac chips. 5 dual Op Amps. XMOS XU-316 Chipset native support up to DSD512, DoP256 or PCM 768kHz. LDAC Bluetooth with external aerial included. Fully operable via included remote control. IPS tempered glass...
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'SMSL C100 MQA DSD DAC'

    Introduction No palms have been greased with wads of dirty cash to enable this review to spring forth from the creative centre of yours truly. Nevertheless, without the kindness and loyalty from, this SMSL would have waited far longer to be unveiled to the World of Portable...


    This is an MQA/DSD decoding ultra portable Dac and is (as of Jan 2023) the budget model from SMSL. It is available exclusively from Aoshida-Audio, and the link is here. The C100 uses the power from your USB source, it does not need mains power. It has the latest AK4493SE Dac chip. It does not...
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    Review by 'Takeanidea' on item 'Simgot EN1000'

    Can a sub £200 do it all and still deliver? I was approached by Simgot recently through the hallowed pages of head-fi. The introduction has resulted in my being able to bring you the latest, and greatest, this company has yet built. I bought an EN700 Bass IEM on impulse several years ago. I...