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  1. huntman21014

    Mid-Fi IEMs

    I am partial to my SE115's as I am a bit of a basshead and most of the IEM's in my price range are a bit lacking in bass, I would give the SE115's a chance. I know nothing of the other ones mentioned but I like Shure's warranty as well
  2. huntman21014

    Shure SE115 - Really tempted

    I love my SE115's so much more than my previous SE110's, the bass is so much better!
  3. huntman21014

    Shure or Ultimate Ears

    Go with the SE115 over the SE110!!! I have owned both and the SE115's sound just as good as the SE110's in the mids and highs but the bass is about 1000% better than the SE110's
  4. huntman21014 custom IEM discussion thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by [benz] No worries, hifidk, I got the point. thanks! Anyway, my AE1 arrived today. My initial impression, it sounds really bright, bass is pathetic for an IEM, with a decent staging. What accessories do you guys get? I got only a small pouch. Will...
  5. huntman21014 custom IEM discussion thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by hifidk I had C1000 (essentially same thing), and I would definitely go for either AE2 or AE3. I just wasn't satisfied with single driver. Thank you, I was kinda figuring that since that one driver is supplying all the sound, oh well, looks like I am...
  6. huntman21014 custom IEM discussion thread

    Has anyone gotten the AE1's? I want a pair of customs but I am so turned off by the fact your ears change so quickly. I am 17 and I believe my ears might change even quicker so I am thinking the AE1's would be the best for me as I am also going to get the impressions done at an audiologists...
  7. huntman21014

    Shure SE115's

    Quote: Originally Posted by i_don't_know Yes, dynamic drivers need burn-in. As for the tips, you own them, you tell me. Alright, I will follow the burn in guide here, what I meant by my post was that I own a pair of the etymotic triple flange earplugs and I like the fit...
  8. huntman21014

    Shure SE115's

    Hey everyone! I have lurked for months around the different forums and just recently I have made my first IEM purchase that was better than the JVC Marshmallows and Skullcandy Ink'd. I went into my local Best Buy and found a pair of SE110's on sale for $70, I thought pretty good deal and...