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  1. guynamedjohn

    Vote for your favorite Pink Floyd Album

    You forgot #1 - Obscured by Clouds but hey, also Animals, WYWH, DSOTM, Meddle and The Wall
  2. guynamedjohn

    Proline 750 Gives Electrical Shocks To My Ear...?!

    I get this effect with my ATH-W5000s . If I'm wearing certain clothes/shoes and slide up in my chair too fast I generate static electricity which then finds the quickest route to ground is through my ears where they contact the metal screen inside the W5000s. Gave me quite a jolt a few times...
  3. guynamedjohn

    Most glorious female voice ever?

    Jennifer Charles' voice really does it to me. Most recently: Conviviencia: La Mar Enfortuna: Music Check it out.
  4. guynamedjohn

    SACD Mini-Reviews: Contribute!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I haven't been through the entire thread, but one of my reference SACDs is Jorma Kaukonen's "Blue Country Heart." I don't know if you're into the roots/bluegrass/country genre, but this recording is stunning. The music, performance, recording...
  5. guynamedjohn

    SACD Mini-Reviews: Contribute!

    I finally took the plunge and have a Marantz SA8001 on its way to me via UPS. I've read through this entire thread and now have a bunch of discs on order as well. Does anyone have any new "must-have" sacds to add?
  6. guynamedjohn

    D5000 vs RS-1?

    Definitely go for the D5000s. I have both and I couldn't ever imagine the rs-1s as my "go-to" cans. The k701s had been my go-tos for a long time, but the D5000s have knocked them off their perch. Granted, I've only had the Denons for about a month, so the honeymoon isn't over. I really like the...
  7. guynamedjohn

    2007 Portable Desktop - Battery/AC Power

    Does the Portable Desktop amp always draw its power from the batteries? I am considering this amp, but I will 90% of the time be using it at my desk - plugged into the wall.
  8. guynamedjohn

    GS-1000 highs?

    The highs were definitely a problem for me. For some tracks I found the gs-1000 to be absolutely unlistenable. Violins became assault weapons - ripping out my eardrums. Since I don't think "unlistenable" is a word that should ever apply to a $1000 set of cans, I sold them to another headfier -...
  9. guynamedjohn

    nearfield speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by joefosho315 Well it seems like no one here has experience with the M&K B-1500 or the Role Kayak speakers, but can someone give me some basic advice on speaker amplification? My pioneer a-35r is rated at 65W RMS @ 4ohms and 45W RMS @ 8 ohms. The M&K B-1500...
  10. guynamedjohn

    What price should I be paying for E4Cs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Benco No, that's their street price. Period. Ok. Thanks.
  11. guynamedjohn

    What price should I be paying for E4Cs?

    I see the list price is $299. I can find many pairs on eBay and elsewhere for $170 or so - is that for real? Should I be worried about counterfeits?
  12. guynamedjohn

    Headphone amp with remote volume control?

    The Grace m902 has an optional remote.
  13. guynamedjohn

    Feed me some Reggae!

    This should do the trick or more cheaply: this
  14. guynamedjohn

    W5000 Owners' Amp Registry

    I love the w5000 with my Grace m902 - great soundstage, liquid sound.
  15. guynamedjohn

    Which input/output ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by griff2 USB is just a way of moving data around, and is not prone to errors in the way that S/PDif is. If the Grace is engineered well, then all things being equal, USB should be superior. I have an m902 and used it via usb for awhile with varying...
  16. guynamedjohn

    Breakup Music

    I haven't broken up with anybody since 1985 or so. At the time "Siamese Twins" by The Cure was quite effective.
  17. guynamedjohn

    Looking for dark classical recording

    Quote: Originally Posted by zombieDave P.S. - Could someone please tell me the name of the piece/composer of the music at the beginning of Kubrick's "The Shining"? It plays when the Torrance family is driving along the winding mountain road at the beginning of the film. This is a great...
  18. guynamedjohn

    Franz Schubert recommendations???

    For the quartets I would go with either The Alban Berg Quartet or the Tokyo String Quartet.
  19. guynamedjohn

    How much money have you spent on headphones in total?

    If you factor in money saved by not buying loudspeakers then my headphones are turning a tidy profit.
  20. guynamedjohn

    Freddy Fender RIP

    Freddy Fender died on Saturday. He was 69. Any other Freddy fans out there?
  21. guynamedjohn

    Any Joy Division fans here?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatticus I don't think Sisters of Mercy is anything like Joy Division. I like SoM but they are nothing alike. Sure, they both have a dark sound but JD was the real deal and SoM wasn't, IMO. I never said they were alike. I said if you like JD there's a...
  22. guynamedjohn

    Any Joy Division fans here?

    If you like Joy Division you'd probably like early Sisters of Mercy. Like This
  23. guynamedjohn

    Any Joy Division fans here?

    Quote: Originally Posted by EFN I put them alongside Nick Cave and SWANS in term on intensity and grimness. You should check out the Swans cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
  24. guynamedjohn

    10k system

    What an evil thread. My upgraditis was in remission until now.