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    An interview with Sennheiser regarding the HD800

    Quote: Originally Posted by Richter Di Sorry, what is a non-filthy rich headphone lover? a non-filthy rich headphone lover is someone who makes less than million a year, if you make more than that you probably have better hobbies.
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    Studio Monitors vs Studio Headphones

    It is also much easier to work with speakers as opposed to headphones. Your ears will take much less of a beating and your not confined to the room.
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    Conversion and FLAC quality.

    I think we should explain why... Think of music as a something under a microscope. When you have 1/100th of an object under the microscope can you see the other 99 pieces? No, why? Simply because it is not there. When you have low quality music, there are parts of it that are "missing"...
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    Need some help with a home/computer sound system

    Quote: Originally Posted by RicHSAD 1000$ will buy you more than just "background music" lol. You can get a really good 2.0/2.1 setup with that kind of money. hey hey now... your starting to startle the rich audiophiles of the site.... I just know some audiophile is gonna...
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    Computer- should I upgrade to 4GB?

    Why not just overclock your GPU and RAM to get a bit more? I've overclocked my CPU by about 8% and my GPU by about 20% and I have an increase in preformance for free.
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    Ipod LODs

    Quote: Originally Posted by labrat A LOD (LineOutDongle) is a takeout of a LineOut-connector from a proprietary contact. The LineOut connector supplies a signal with analog voltage sving, but no power-support. A LineOut signal is meant to see no load; a high Ohm Input-connector. It...
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    Ipod LODs

    Do Ipod LODs work without an amp? For example if i was to use a coupler and my headphones would the LOD work ? Or would this just be pointless.
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    Headphone technology

    The audiophile market is very small. I mean how many of your friends are willing to part 400-1000+$ for just a pair of headphones when they can listen to the exact same music with free earbuds. Many people buy after market headphones but its safe to assume that a 50-60% of people don't until...
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    Shure SRH240 Unboxing

    Quote: Originally Posted by SchneiderStudios forget about the beats, its done im not buying them, i was only asking because those where one of the only headphones ive listened to. i dont think the se115 or the srh240 sound better then the beats.. the se115 might be a little more clear...
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    Headphones in the movie (500) Days of Summer

    Quote: Originally Posted by gus6464 Did they sound better than Skullcandy's? "Better than skullcandy" is similar to asking if its "Better than having an LRAD screaming in your ears" LRAD : Long Range Acoustic Device - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Do you have different headphones for different occasions?

    I'm in deadly need of a sound isolating headphone to isolate the sound of my mother. any suggestions?
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    Constant hiss coming through speakers!

    What sound card do you have?
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    Skullcandy Headphones

    Quote: Originally Posted by Spraj You're picking at my statement rather than addressing my actual points. I exaggerated, sure, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy music at lower bit rates through off-brand headphones. I just prefer to hear it at a higher quality. Then your on the...
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    Skullcandy Headphones

    OKAY Guys, we are humans WE ONLY HAVE 1 pair of ears (THAT MEANS 2) now.... I don't understand why people would go out and ruin their single pair of ears ( THAT MEANS 2) with cheap earphones, which go stright into your ear canal and project sound into your ear drums directly. I see too many...
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    Do earbuds need Burn in too ?

    Yea earbuds definately do work better with a burn in . I burnt in my shure E2C and they definitely sound better. I used classical pop/opera to burn them in due to the wide spectrum of highs and lows.
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    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by f00fighters Listen to me! I promise they will improve! Burn-in is VITAL to these phones. You'll notice big improvement after 100 hours; even more after a 100 more. Mosthigh end headphones sound like shi- without any burn-in. What does burning in do...
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    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by MacedonianHero Honestly dude, I live in Toronto too and picked up a set of 6 month old buttonless version of the RS1s used from a guy on I owned the SR325is headphones and found them a bit shrilly on the high end. Go for a set of used...
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    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tenzip Get a desktop amp if you will primarily be listening at home. You can spend the same money as a good portable, and get much more amp, in general. I'll wear Grados out in public with little thought, but I'm not sure I could do my K601s as blithely...
  19. b0oMeR

    Grados SR325is?

    Alright thanks to all your suggestions, With my budget in mind and the reviews I will be getting the AKG 701. thanks guys you guys really helped. I would go for the Sen. 650 but they are a tad bit expensive. Okay now on the question of amping the thing. What portable amps should i get, or...
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    Grados SR325is?

    Okay, well I've done a bit of research on the two headphones and WOW I cannot believe how cheap they are. On headroom the AKG 702 and 701 are only 310$ and the Grado SR 325is are even cheaper at $295. However my biggest interest is which one is better for classical and vocal music. Other...
  21. b0oMeR

    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by f00fighters Oh my goodness, the Grados are definitely not for you. Classical, absolutely not. Unfortunately, the SR325is is pretty genre specific. And by genre, I'm referring to Rock/Alternative/Classic Rock. The piano sounds absolutely HORRIBLE on the...
  22. b0oMeR

    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duckman b0oMeR, considering you listen to a lot of classical music, I wonder if you wouldn't prefer something with a larger soundstage than the Grado range. If you're not into massive bass, the ATH-AD1000 is quite an amazing headphone for acoustic music and...
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    SIGN UP! Zanth's Headphone Loan Programme

    WOW , this is an amazing program, I'm sad that I've only recently joined,
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    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by f00fighters I love my SR325is. I would stick with them. I am looking into the Shure SRH840 as an alternative headphone, but I haven't heard them yet. You are going to definitely need an amp to grasp their full potential. What is your source going to be...
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    Grados SR325is?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sampson_smith Yeah... ABathingApe is right. We're wild and unkempt up here in the wicked north. No refinement to our listening tastes at all. Long live iPod stock buds! I used to live in Edmonton, lol and i can admit its true