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    Gaming/Music headphones

    I used to have the DT770 before I sold it. I too, hated the amount of bass and recessed mids for gaming although it sounded good for electronica, house, and some hip-hop. I was never really a fan of closed headphones mainly because it gave me headaches after wearing them after a session of...
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    ATH-AD700 Uncomfortable...what instead?

    I found the AD700's uncomfortable. It was because the (huge)driver was touching my ear like my grado sr125. I got the HD555 instead, which is very comfortable. Keep in mind this was around 2 years ago. Now I use the hd650 for music, and hd555 for gaming. I personally believe closed headphones...
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    Which phone to get?

    I have the iphone 3gs. Well worth the money imo. I was actually considering the blackberry bold but it's only a 2.0mp camera :/. Before even getting the iphone I was planning to get a Nokia N97, but after reading reviews I decided not to get it.
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    Shure SRH440 Unboxed & quick review - added pics!

    How are the pads? Are they soft like the denon 1k or more firm like the HD280? To me they look pretty firm Nice video btw.
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    Should I buy a USB amp/DAC with HD 595's?

    D10 should add some warmth to your 595's, if it's any similar to the 555's, which is what I have.
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    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    I've had the IE8 for about 3 months they've had quite a burn in. The bass has really went down in quantity which now sounds perfect(to me). Once again the amount of bass that comes out of these iem's will depend on how much isolation you want. If you use comply's the bass is too much. I...
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    Worst headphones you've ever heard? / Low-fi experiences?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Berlioz Is low-fi going to destroy music? Nope, it won't. However, Skullcandy FMJ's were the worst pair of headphones I've tried.
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    Phones for music/movies- open or closed?

    HD650 gets my vote for "slightly warm, laid back, comfortable can with good bass"
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    IEM with similar cabling like Sony MDR-EXLP?

    I really dig the cablings that come from these IEM's but I don't know any other IEM's that offer it. So far the only high end IEM that I know has it are the MDR-EX700LP. There are several occasions where I listen to my iem with one ear and this kind of cabling makes it much more convenient.
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    Senn IE range cases, who else hates them?

    I don't use it, instead I use either the case that came with the TF10 and/or E4
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    Beats By Dr. Dre

    I don't really have an opinion on the Beats because the test headphones at best buy are way too loud. I'd say they're fine for most people...who are willing to pay at that price. They are really comfortable though
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    comply t400 cleaning?

    From what I heard use 3% hydrogen peroxide and soak em for 30 minutes
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    slightly disappointed with Triplefi 10 pros...FIT and SOUND

    TF10 are too bassy with comply for me so I just use silicone tips.
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    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Incognito73 I've just had a play with Comply T-400 and IE8. I have to say that I'm deeply disappointed with the sound quality. Yes, comfort is superb and no doubt about that ... but Comply is simply destroying that luxurious IE8 sound signature. Highs are...
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    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by flyingmonkee May I ask where you got them for $280? I think I have decided on getting the IE8's but don't know where to get them for a good price. Live in the US btw FS forums
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    Shure E5's lost some output in one channel - please help!

    I'm going to assume it's the E500 and not the E5c. The E500 have a problem of cables cracking over time due to bodily oils so that might be one cause.
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    Looking for good synergy with iPhone 3G

    The iPhone has pretty good sound quality already so you should be fine with either iem.
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    extreme comfort? headphones intolerance ?!

    I found the DT770 rather uncomfortable too. Part of the reason why I sold it. The senn HD5xx/6xx series are very comfortable. I found the AD700 very comfortable, but kept falling off my head because its size is huge!
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    Courting (begging, pleading, imploring) the advice of experts!

    Price range? You'd be looking at the ES7/D1001 if you wanted to stay supra/around ear or you can always go for IEMs
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    Still undecided on headphones

    All those options would be fine..except the SR225. In my opinion you should get a used HD600. You can always buy an amp later down the road
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    Ibasso D10 Available now!

    If you bought it Monday it should come by Friday (DHL doesn't ship on Saturday) But you're in hong kong, so you don't have to wait as long as us