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  1. OddJack

    What Bit Rate / Format Do you Listen to?

    Where do you buy your music from?    CDs? Download MP3, Standard 256 kbps? 24bit? 
  2. OddJack

    Recommend Noise Isolating IEM for Motorcycle Riding

    Hello headfi, I am new and did a search before I posted but I would like to find a set that has specific characteristics:   1-Great isolation is a must   2-As detailed and clear as possible   3-Some bass   4-Fits well under the helmet     I have the Se215  but its not as detailed and...
  3. OddJack

    HELP : Fake shure?

    The serial number is not anywhere on the actual earphones, is that right?
  4. OddJack

    HELP : Fake shure?

    Are there any fake Shure SE215 in the market?   I have bought this pair and they sound too warm, very little treble. I am just wondering. Came in unopen packaged   Why cant I post pictures? 
  5. OddJack

    Found My answers here

    I can start new threads :(
  6. OddJack

    Found My answers here

    New member here. I would like to thank the owners of this site and all the helpful and friendly users who create some of the most informative and detail oriented in all of the internet. Dino 
  7. OddJack

    Earbud buyer's guide, feat. TM5, OK1, PK1, ATH-CM700, OK2, K319, OK3, PK3, PK2

    Where is OP, why this excellent thread is not being updated?