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  1. jdimitri

    FitEar F111 — Impressions, Reviews & Discussion (previously TO GO! 111)

    Any Australians wanna swap their 003 cable for a 001 cable? Would prefer a right angle lighter plug personally for my travels.   Gotta top up a bit obviously, but this would be a good cheap upgrade!
  2. jdimitri

    Does anyone use mog?

    Very interested in this. Been very happy with Mog and nothing else compares atm (never tried Rdio's 192 but Shopify's sometimes 128kbps is very noticable)
  3. jdimitri

    The Astell & Kern AK120

    Hell yes, it's a hell of a lot cheaper than what I paid for it and it's worth every cent.
  4. jdimitri


    Awesome deal! I contacted him to confirm, the stock is official Australian stock and this is their clearance outlet for overstock items.
  5. jdimitri

    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker What happened with the guitar he bought for you on Ebay, Josh? Huh? The guitar was the first exchange i did with Todd. This was May '07 How I first transacted with him was by "selling" him a one-off Darth Beyer (snakewood i think), and for...
  6. jdimitri

    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k

    Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker trose49 responded to my PM right away. He stated that he settled with you and that this thread is basically "sour grapes". jdimitri, what does he mean when he says that he settled with you. Are there other components to this transaction...
  7. jdimitri

    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k! Ps the Westones were free I was part of a beta program but you can read that in your own leisure. Better think of your next move wisley! So far your batting 0! And full of ****! Sent from Todd Rose's Iphone Meh, either way i'm calling up his work and police anyway.. who...
  8. jdimitri

    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k

    ...chance to pay me back in the 24 hours starting from when this e-mail is sent. After that i'll go through any mean possible to make your life as ****ty as i can make it, for as long as i can. Don't forget I have your home address and your work details. The cops can't be too hard to reach...
  9. jdimitri

    One year on, and trose49 still owes me close to $2k

    If anyone remembered this: Well it's been more than a year since that happened.. and i got exactly $0 back Since then, here are a few things that i found out. He owes another head-fier a chunky sum of money, Kamal007. If i remember...
  10. jdimitri

    A head-fier owes me $1000+ and couldn't (/wouldn't) pay me back..

    Quote: Originally Posted by ecclesand If you do a search in the Members section for members hailing from CT with a post count >= 3000, you can probably figure out who this person is. Good luck to the OP...I hope he gets his money back...and soon. No.. you can't i just tried this...
  11. jdimitri

    A head-fier owes me $1000+ and couldn't (/wouldn't) pay me back..

    Quote: Originally Posted by braillediver "He's in CT if that helps anyone" What's with the stupid games? You impune everyone from CT with a high post count? You should Out the guy so I can put them on my ignore list with you. Mitch I'm only providing that info...
  12. jdimitri

    A head-fier owes me $1000+ and couldn't (/wouldn't) pay me back..

    I'll send him an e-mail with a firm date and a link to this thread To those saying i should post a feedback before whinging about it, the sale was not over the forum Plus that's pretty much outing him.. He's done many transactions on head-fi and has over 3000 posts I communicated with...
  13. jdimitri

    A head-fier owes me $1000+ and couldn't (/wouldn't) pay me back..

    Hey all, it's been a while since i posted on head-fi What's new? HD700 out yet? Anyway, here's the story: I've sold all my gear except for the essentials (zune+buds) because i needed the cash I've been in contact with a US head-fier that i sold a headphone to and did a favour for about...
  14. jdimitri

    Zune 80 or Ipod Classic 80/160?

    Zune zune zune, i was an ipod user since the ipod mini days until now The only advantage the ipod has is the slightly thinner form and better syncing software Zune 80 has a bigger screen, noticably better sound, radio, customizable better looking interface, pretty much scratch-proof (my...
  15. jdimitri

    Isn't it illegal...?

    Well.. It's up to you how much USED equipment is worth isn't it?
  16. jdimitri

    Counterintuitive? Or is this just (my) Natural Progression?

    I quit the midrange club a while back.. But i found that the headphone with the absolute best midrange is the K501.. Pity it's lacking in bass, otherwise it'd be perfect for me The Edition 9 is the best compromise i think..
  17. jdimitri

    How do I end an ebay auction early?

    Go to my ebay, Click on selling on the left hand side, next to 'time left' click on the drop down menu that currently says "sell similar" and there should be an option to end auction
  18. jdimitri

    Will you buy items at full MSRP?

    I don't think i've ever paid full MSRP for anything.. Other than food of course, but i even bargain that sometimes
  19. jdimitri

    Going to a nice sushi bar for the first time - tips?

    I thought sushi (except for chirashi sushi of course) was meant to be eaten by hand? As for wasabi, the safe way is to not have any at all. Otherwise, just try a little bit on your sushi and see if you like it Personally, i'm a huge fan of sushi and sashimi but absolutely hate wasabi...
  20. jdimitri

    I no longer hold any respect for Terry Pratchett.

    ...Reeve, Bob Geldof, Bono et al. Um.. what have you done for the world? Ps. when you break your leg and it'd cost $5k to fix, would you rather donate that money to cancer or *insert your favourite disease here*? And in this case, you're actually helping yourself and yourself only
  21. jdimitri

    Feature I'd like on a portable...

    I don't know what that means.. But you can have on an ipod touch for all your music info via wi-fi Even better.. the whole internet EVEN better than that, iphone, so that you can get the net without wi-fi Argh i can't wait for the 3G iphone to get here..
  22. jdimitri

    Susan Wong ( A cd must have for audiophile's collection)

    I really enjoyed Close to you and I wish you love Haven't listened to it in the past year or so because they were very bright in my previous system Might have a listen to it again sometime soon..
  23. jdimitri

    Musical Fidelity xcan v8

    $1.6k?? It really doesn't look the part And wow, if those are 1/4 jacks that volume knob is gigantic
  24. jdimitri

    LCD Monitor Review Sites

    I've looked at several and i decided on this one - Open Box: ASUS VW222U Black 22" 2ms(GTG) DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor 300 cd/m2 1000:1 Built in Speakers Look up the reviews.. i've looked at almost all the popular 22" side by side and this one and the samsung 22" are the best...
  25. jdimitri

    Quiet, compact gaming computer DIY

    Well.. It's not that hard Antec NSK1380 or NSK3480 cheap, decent quiet power supply - $100 Intel C2D E6750- $200 Get the Zalman CNPS9500 cpu fan - $60 The WD Hard Drives are very quiet, i think 500GB is enough? - $100 A mini ATX motherboard of your choice, make sure it has a...