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  1. mrbuzzer

    Review by 'mrbuzzer' on item 'KB EAR KS2'

    Okay let's get this straight. I have a drawerful of KZ brand earbuds and there is not really a bad one in the bunch, but if I put them on a comparative scale with each other, the KB EAR KS2 will not rank with my favorites. There is nothing really wrong with them. They can easily replace and...
  2. mrbuzzer

    Review by 'mrbuzzer' on item 'BLON BL-05S'

    I will give you a succinct review because I don't believe a lot of blather handed out on trying to assess specific sound accents is much more helpful than the snobbish wine talk you sometimes hear at cocktail parties. Further, I see no need to list every damn song I used to review these IEMs...
  3. mrbuzzer

    Review by 'mrbuzzer' on item 'KZ ZSX'

    KZ just keeps turning out top flight earbuds at an outstanding rate and it is getting hard to keep up. It gets to the point that you are going to be guaranteed a certain listenable quality piece for $50 or less, and it's just a question of your preference in tuning and comfort levels. The new KZ...
  4. mrbuzzer

    Review by 'mrbuzzer' on item 'KZ ZSN Pro'

    I own a bunch or earbuds and I like to talk about them so, hence, here is a very concise review of one of the many KZ models out there. I don't believe in lengthy reviews because time is precious. There are other things to do. Basically, I don't know where you can find an earbud more...
  5. mrbuzzer

    Review by 'mrbuzzer' on item 'KZ ZS7'

    I was provided this product from KZ but I am a fussy user and honest reviewer and often will tell you what I don't like as well as what I like. I like to write a basic and simple review that gets right to the nuggets. If you have time to read reviews that turn into treatises then you will find...
  6. mrbuzzer

    IEM 200$ or below (especially chi-fi)

    Have you tried the KZ line, particularly ZS7? Very nice multiple armature buds.
  7. mrbuzzer


    The HiFiman RE 400 keep getting cheaper and they are terrific buds.