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  1. rodentdog

    Replace PortaPro temple pads

    From Koss, porta pros have a lifetime warranty. Koss has replace mine 3 times.
  2. rodentdog


    Put the bagel pads from GS-1000 on the HF-2 and see what happens.
  3. rodentdog

    My Grado 225i review: 225i vs others

    I believe you would find SR-325/i more forward than your SR-225i. Also don't confuse post count with knowledge. Enjoy your Grados!!
  4. rodentdog

    Foray into the (Hi?)-Fi world

    Get some grados. You can find SR-225 used for about $150. Easy to drive, sound better with an amp, but sound very good without one. Spend the rest on more music. If you don't love them, you can resell them for what you paid. Very representative of the grado house sound.
  5. rodentdog

    Best Rock Headphones *High Budget*

    I'd sure risk $45 on jumbo pads so I could hear the alleged effect on the sound myself on my HF-2 (yes, I have HF-2) before spending $1200 on cans I'd never heard or just had a brief listen to in hopes of better sound. As far as Headphile is concerned, Larry does very good work. It is art, not...
  6. rodentdog

    REVIEW: Low-end Grado comparison (SR-60i, 80, MS-1)

    To AnalogJ HF-1 and HF-2 were produced by grado and marketed by TTVJ. They are limited edition headphones made for Head-Fi members only and number about 500 each, plus or minus. Each has a sound signature unique in the grado line. I own and enjoy both my HF-1 and HF-2
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    I disagree about the grados not being "fast". A can that is regarded as one of the best for rock music wouldn't be if it wasn't fast. Get the grados. Don't worry too much about separation and imaging. Great cans for rock, very good for most everything else except classical. Won't make bassheads...
  8. rodentdog


    Welcome to head-fi. I think you would be best served by purchasing an extension cable. I purchased mine on ebay from heels-6. He mades good quality custom cables to order at a fair price. I don't think you'd be happy with wireless headphones.
  9. rodentdog

    Lawton Audio Custom Cups

    If you use the search function for "MarkL mods" you should get some hits.
  10. rodentdog

    best overall headphones?

    for less than $100, I don't think you can beat the Grado SR-60. If you hunt a little you can get SR-80 for less than $100 used. SR-60, the gateway drug to the headphone world. Welcome to head-fi, sorry about your wallet!!
  11. rodentdog

    Best Headphones for $200-250 without amp

    Grados not a great choice based on your criteria. Not enough bass for you, not comfortable enough either. Beyer DT-250/80. Easy to drive, comfortable, well balanced, enough bass. Scales well with an amp.
  12. rodentdog

    Grado Harshness

    A very interesting discussion. I got rid of my HD580 senns after using them for years after I got my HF-1. I have a good amp (modified Headamp Gilmore design). The senns were still senns dark, veiled and ahhh boring (to me) amped or unamped. An amp doesn't change the house sound of a pair/brand...
  13. rodentdog

    Suggestions please for full sized cans that do not leak sound.

    I like my Beyer DT-250/80 closed phones. Pretty neutral, easy to drive.
  14. rodentdog

    After Grado, what next brand must I buy?

    Beyerdynamic DT-250. Nice closed phones. Play above their price point IMO.
  15. rodentdog

    Beyerdynamic DT 250 vs Beyerdynamic DT 770 vs Sennheiser HD 380 Pro

    I own the DT-250-80 and find them quite neutral. No bloated bass. Great all around closed headphone. I use an inexpensive porta corda amp with my ipod. Sounds good. Rock on!!
  16. rodentdog

    How much do headphones cost?

    Some of you are's about how the headphones sound. It's not flour or sugar. I owned Sennheisers for MANY years. Today, if you gave me a pair, I'd regift it to one of my siblings. I'm not a Senn guy anymore. Doesn't mean they don't make good headphones, they do. I don't care for...
  17. rodentdog

    Which Noise Cancellers. Opinions wanted.

    I'd try Koss Porta-Pro's. portable, foldable, on ear design. Pretty light, comfortable. Lifetime warranty (I'm on my 3rd pair under warranty), inexpensive, sound good. I've tried to replace them, but can't justifiy it for what they do for the $$$.
  18. rodentdog

    Which Grados?

    to urbo 73, hi there, sounds like the HF-1 to me. I have SR125, HF-1 and HF-2. Finally, something I can talk about. Less bright, limited edition (480 something made), displaced by HF-2 (flavor of the month+), temporary dip in value. I love mine. Good upside potential.
  19. rodentdog

    What grade Headphones Are Best For My Setup?

    Your outlaw receiver is very nice. Don't worry about an amp right now. Concentrate on the headphones. Some considerations...source, type of favorite music, etc. Buy used, welcome to head-fi. sorry about your wallet!!
  20. rodentdog

    Grado RS-2 bright sound...

    More about the source, low bite rate mp3?, entry level sound card, stock headphone jack, no amp, brand new grado headphones, maybe I should just scratch my fingers on the blackboard and get it over with. System synergy is a factor.
  21. rodentdog

    I already know the answer is "Three grand and your problem's solved' but let's try...

    I saw some very nice portable amps on the FS Forum, that are a signifcant upgrade at the higher end of your price range. Do just a little homework and you can upgrade (used) for good pricing, good fun, won't lose much when you change again. I love my Beyer DT-250/80, closed phones. Good all...
  22. rodentdog

    PS1000s vs JH13s

    A point or two for the PS 1000, the grado house sound grows on you over time. A casual listen, and you might say..."these are too bright, harsh, etc." You are right. Listen for longer and you might like them better. I was a Senn guy, but I changed teams, so to speak. More exciting, more musical...
  23. rodentdog

    do I need a amp

    Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet! Almost all headphones benefit from a dedicated headphone amplifier. The differences can be major or subtle, but there. My amp increases my enjoyment of the music. I'm not a tube guy, an entry level ss amp would be my recommendation, a gilmore lite...
  24. rodentdog

    Headphone for crap recordings?

    My DT-250/80 is smooth and somewhat forgiving of poorly recorded material.
  25. rodentdog

    The Grado HF-2 Review/Comparison Thread

    to PZM9PZM9, you can get the jumbo pads at TTVJ, Todd The Vinyl Junkie, Todd the Vinyl Junkie (where you got the HF-2's)