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  1. alpha421

    Lotoo PAW S1

    Like new and complete. Price includes PP fee and CONUS shipping.
  2. alpha421

    RBH H2 ProStereo BT, Fender DX-A1

    Both in like new shape: RBH H2 BT earphones with Aptx-HD, LDAC, and has a rather rare AKM DAC/Amp which I believe is the first of its kind. One of the better sound wirelss BT earphones. $65 Fender DX-A1 iems. $45
  3. alpha421

    Etymotic ER38-18 tips

    8 sets, brand new. Best tips for Etymotic, IMO. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  4. alpha421

    AK XB10 BT Amplifier

    Astell & Kerns. Bluetooth BT amplifier with 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced. Includes USB charging cable and instructions booklet. One of the better sounding BT audio receiver/amp, IMO. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  5. alpha421

    Topping A90 Black - NIB

    Just received this from Apos after paying DHL Express shipping. Well, my setup has changed. This is brand new and unopen. Paid $499.99 like everywhere else. Will include my Apos purchase invoice. Price includes PP fees and CONUS only Priority shipping. No trades. Same day shipping if...
  6. alpha421

    Schiit Magni Heresy

    Paid $124 (tax and shipping) directly from Schiit last week. Got me a D90, so this little power house with great specs is up for grabs. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  7. alpha421

    STAX SRM-212 amplifier

    Great condition. Voltage spec is made for the North America market. Throwing in a foot long custom made RCA/3.5mm IC cable. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping.
  8. alpha421

    Stax SR-003 earspeakers

    Great condition and comes with one set of stock silicon tips. You'll need a Stax amplifier with the pro bias 5pin connector. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. If you need or looking for the CES-A1 kit, I have a like new set for $55.
  9. alpha421

    Beyerdynamic DT1350cc 80ohms

    Selling my last and mint condition DT1350cc. Comes with original box, case, and accessories. This has the coiled cable and 80 ohms. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. From a smoke free home. Please no trades.
  10. alpha421

    KEF Motion One Wireless BT and Wired

    Like new condition, first owner. Less than 1hr of listening. I have others that fills my wireless and wired needs. Typical KEF British sound with the typical Porsche sleek design. This is a very versatile model as the set includes a wireless BT neckband with call controls, as well a wired...
  11. alpha421

    Roland Mobile UA USB DAC/Amp with custom short USB cable

    Complete with original box, manual, and USB cable. Great condition. Has the latest firmware v2.02. Including is a custom short USB micro to A cable I made. The data wires is OCC 24AWG Silver Plated Copper Litz and tightly braided, power and ground wires is OCC 24AWG Copper Litz with metal...
  12. alpha421

    Belkin Lightning to USB-C Audio & USB-C to USB-A adapter combo - no wires

    No longer own the LCDi4 and LCDi3. The Anker cable is highly recommended, but I didn't care for the extra cable length and the Apple white color. I found the Belkin straight adapter a much better setup with no wires between source and the Cipher cable. Still, the Apple white color beaconed...
  13. alpha421

    Grado Flat Deluxe cushions

    Purchased new and full price with shipping from TTVJ. Less than an hour use. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. Willing to ship international via USPS for $12, but prepare to wait many weeks for delivery.
  14. alpha421

    Audeze LCDi3 - $OLD

    B-stock, mint and complete. FIRM price. Only shipping CONUS. Price includes PP fees and CONUS shipping. No trades.
  15. alpha421

    Audeze LCDi3 -$599

    Selling my B-stock LCDi3, complete and same excellent condition I received from Audeze just a few weeks ago. FIRM prices includes PP fees and CONUS only shipping. Sorry, the state of international shipments with extreme delays and higher chance of lost/stolen shipments, sale is limited within...
  16. alpha421

    Earstudio ES100 MK2 (new/sealed) with optional IPX iem balanced cable

    I had plans to purchase an universal UE UERR iem with IPX connectors, but that fell through. ES100 MK2. Brand new and sealed - $75 Custom made, one of a kind 20' inch long hybrid 4-wire 24AWG OCC copper/spc litz in TPU, IPX connectors, Eidolic splitter and 2.5mm connector, functional slider...
  17. alpha421

    NuForce Primo 8 /w Triton8 cable

    Back when I was searching for headphone/earphones that would naturally trigger the high-impedance mode on my LG V20 and up smartphones (currently own G8), I settled on these two for their sound quality, and as an ideal match for portability needs. NuForce Primo 8 was a pleasant surprise. It's...
  18. alpha421

    WTB: B-stock LCDi4

  19. alpha421

    FS: JH Audio Lola Universal

    Mint condition Lola with current 8-wire JH Audio 3.5mm right angle cable. Comes with JH Audio metal storage canister, bass adjustment screw driver, variety of unused tips and a set of stem enlargers to allow a more variety of tips with larger stem diameter. The Comply T500 tips worked best for...
  20. alpha421

    WTB: Sennheiser HD6XX or HD600

    Looking for one in great condition, from a smoke free home, and neglected. Need one to test out a custom Sennheiser cable.
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  22. alpha421

    UERM - Ultimate Ears Reference Monitors customs - SOLD!

    I've been holding on to these for a while to get reshelled as I foolishly sold my custom UERM a few years ago. To my ears, these sound better than the UERR, which I've owned and happily sold. IMO, the UERM is legendary in-ear monitor. This rare model is an original UERM custom and hasn't be...