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  1. claud W

    iFi PowerStation

    Has anyone here tried the iFi Power Station?
  2. claud W

    DNA Starlett Arrives

    There has not been a Starlett thread so I guess no one here has heard. Last month, DNA started shipping the Starlett amp. Its $2000 and you do not have to wait a year to get it like Stratus. It is made in California like Stratus and Stellaris. There are owner reviews on other forums and more...
  3. claud W

    Double copies in downloaded FLAC files

    Some of my FLAC files of downloaded albums have double tunes. its like 1st song, 1st song, 2nd song, 2nd song etc for the whole album. This real irritating when trying to play one of those albums. How do I get rid of the extra songs?
  4. claud W

    Really good DSD album

    Can anyone here give me the name of a great sounding DSD album to add to my collection?
  5. claud W

    Felikes Audio Euforia or LTA MicroZOTL 2.0

    Similar pricing. Anyone compared them?? Which did you chose and why??
  6. claud W

    Best Budget IEMs???

    I have been inspired by the "Best Budget Earbuds" thread. What are the best budget IEMs under $100.00 USD ? This budget has to be a bit more than ear buds. If you think this is too much, please say so. My current IEMs cost almost $1300.00, but they are excellent.
  7. claud W

    What would be better?

    So I bought a Sony A17 and have filled it with HiRez tunes. My IEMs are Campfire Vegas. Together, they sound very nice. Thinking of adding a DAC/Amp. Looking at Oppo SE. Maybe its me, but MoJo looks too big to be portable. Looking for better SQ and more power to drive my Ethers. Opinions...
  8. claud W

    How come there ain't no love for RSA amps???

    Looked through this thread and noticed that Ray Samuels amps have not really been mentioned in several years. I even wondered if they were still in business when I began emailing Ray for my Shadow. Its one TINY amp and connected to an iPod or cell phone really sounds great just playing Apple...
  9. claud W

    What are some state of the art DAPs for IEMs?

    Bought some nice IEMs to try the portable side. Bought an RSA Shadow to fill in with my iPod Classic until move to DAPs. Soooo what id a great DAP IYHO?
  10. claud W

    Cardas Smurf blue 3 meter headphone cable for Sennheiser HD 580, 600 and 650

    This is a nice sounding cable on my HD 600s. If you don't think cables matter, just compare the sound to the stock cable. PM me if you are interested.  Cable is in good shape. No rips, scuffs unraveling etc. It looks new. I will now accept PayPal.
  11. claud W

    Schiit Bifrost Uber

    Schiit Bifrost Uber upgraded to Uber by Schiit . Original box, power cord and manual. No scratches, non smoking enviroment.Does not have USB connection. Check Schiit website. 2nd Gen USB is $100.00 and Multibit is $250.00. Buyer pays shipping. $250.00 paid by cashiers check or money order. PM or...
  12. claud W

    Schiit Lyr

    Schiit Lyr, original unused power cord, manual and unused stock tubes. I am including a pair of Amperex 7308s branded Teonex to get you started tube rolling. Non smoking environment. Will be shipped in its original box. Buyer pays shipping and/or Paypal fees. $200.00. Cashiers check or money...
  13. claud W

    Break in period for Senn HD 800/HD 800S

    Is there any break in period for these headphones? If so, how long? Most speakers sound better after they have played enough to loosen up. My AKG 702s took almost 2 weeks of 24/7 internet radio. My Ether Cs took 120 hours. I think the Senn HD 800S is my next move for a change up companion to the...
  14. claud W

    4 pin Male XLR to 1/4 " plug

    Is there such a thing as an adapter for a 4 pin XLR cable to change to a 1/4" pin ? If so where can it be bought on line?
  15. claud W

    Good sounding, But flexable aftermarket cables for HD600

    My HD 600s have the original Cardas cables. Its one stiff SOB. Is there a better sounding cable for my 600s that is more flexable, but not as limp as OEM?
  16. claud W

    Arcam CD 92

    Black Arcam CD 92 . This unit is two years old and not the current "T" model, but has the same DAC as the Arcam FMJ CD 23. I replaced it with a Cary 308T CD player about three months ago. My price shipped UPS ground, double boxed in the US is $750, but might consider reasonable offers. Please...
  17. claud W

    There Just Ain't Nothing Like Tubes!!

    For almost two years I have happily used a Headroom Maxed Out Home with my Senn 600/ Clou Red cans. A year ago this month I made the leap into tubes. That month I started upgrading my 2ch system with a Cary SLP 2002 preamp. Prior to that I was using my Classe' integrated as a preamp with my Bel...
  18. claud W

    Headroom Maxed Out Home

    Almost two year old Maxed Out Home. Great condition, no scratches or dings.Manual included. $500 shipped UPS ground in US. Money Order or certified bank check only for payment. Check out my feedback on Audiogon , username "claud". Email is offers considered...
  19. claud W

    SOLD: Clou Red Japis Cheap

    SOLD: Clou Red for sale . Good condition. Looks new to me. $60 shipped in US by Priority US Mail. Money Order or Certified Bank check . Check my feedback on Audiogon username "claud". My Email is I think this cord is sold. I'll delete when I receive payment. Thanks for...