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  1. rpaul

    FS: HeadRoom Desktop Amp/DAC + Desktop Power Supply

    Original owner of a HeadRoom Desktop Amp and Desktop Power Supply. The amp has the Home DAC, and was upgraded to the latest version of the MAX electronics module (as used in the Ultra Desktop amp) in 2009.   Desktop Power Supply cable (that connects to amp) is included.   Price of $850...
  2. rpaul

    K.I.C.A.S. Caliente for D7000?

    I'm interested in the Caliente because I've read that it's a good tube alternative for the HD650. I also read in some review that it did pretty well with the Denon D5000. Has anyone tried the Caliente with the Denon D7000?
  3. rpaul

    Toshiba HD-XA2 CD quality?

    This HD-DVD player supposedly uses 12x Wolfson 8740 DAC for its analog output. Does anyone know if this player is considered to be a good CD source, and what traditional CD player would it be comparable to?
  4. rpaul

    WITHDRAWN: Headroom Desktop Amp + DPS

    I'm the original owner of a December 2005 Headroom Desktop amp with Home electronics module and Home DAC powered by the Desktop Power Supply (DPS). In perfect working condition, with just a couple of light scratches. Would like to sell the pair (amp + DPS) in order to try out a different line of...
  5. rpaul

    SOLD: HeadRoom Micro Stack

    Now that I have decided to keep my new HeadRoom Desktop Amp, I am selling my HeadRoom Micro Amp w/Desktop module and Micro DAC, which I bought directly from HeadRoom this past October. Both units are in full working order, with no noticeable marks or scratches. (The original AC-powered...
  6. rpaul

    How do you ship stuff to others?

    Just curious, do most of you just use the postal system, or go to a UPS Store or FedEx Kinko's, or have UPS/FedEX pick up from your door? In the past I've used Kinko's and UPS Store, but I think their rates are a little higher than going through UPS/FedEX directly.
  7. rpaul

    MicroStack, HD650, amp upgrade?

    How many of you are using the MicroStack (or just Micro amp w/DM) with HD650? My new HD650's have had only 48 hours of continuous burn-in, and so far, I like what I hear. Nice alternative to my lively DT-990's...definitely keeping them. Now I know what everyone means when they mention the...
  8. rpaul

    Guide to great sounding recordings?

    Is there any published guide/compendium that lists and ranks great sounding CD's in genres other than classical?
  9. rpaul

    HD650 compared to DT990?

    I have the Beyer DT990 Pro's (250 ohm). Pretty happy with them right now, although I feel the only thing lacking is its midrange performance (happy with the bass and now the higher frequencies are smooth and detailed after couple week's burn-in). I was wondering, how does the Senn HD650...
  10. rpaul

    Comparison of HeadRoom Amp + DAC combos

    Would there be a noticeable sonic difference between the following: a) Micro Stack b) Desktop (standard desktop module) + desktop DAC c) Desktop (standard desktop module) + Home DAC I'm currently using Micro w/Desktop + iPod lineout + DT990 Pro. I'm thinking of eliminating the iPod and...
  11. rpaul

    Recommendation at $250 level - Beyer/Senn?

    Been lurking around here for a while, finally decided to start investing. I just bought a Headroom Micro w/Desktop module, and will primarily be using an iPod line-out as the source (AAC some 128, mostly 256-384kbps). Might occasionally use a Pioneer Elite DVD player or other mid-fi CD player...
  12. rpaul

    What was your first Amp?

    What was the first headphone amp you acquired? Approximately how much did it cost? Today, what are your thoughts on this first amp, any regrets in getting it? Seasons Greetings to all of you!