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  1. givemetacos

    SOLD: THX AAA 789 (Sept 2019, Original Branding)

    Heads up that Drop is selling this "Massdrop" branded version of 789 brand new right now for $50 off, so $350 total.
  2. givemetacos

    FS: CA Andromeda [SOLD]

    I've owned these for almost 2 years now and the reality is that while I absolutely love the sound (my favorite IEM I have ever tried), I just don't have much use case for them since I always prefer full-size headphones when at home or work and I won't travel with them on backpacking types of...
  3. givemetacos

    Monoprice Monolith THX 887 - Impressions Thread

    Nice, it sounds like we have very similar goals and tastes. I too have Mimby, ZDT Jr, and JBL 305s. I also have a few ZMFs with Verite closed being my next one (I currently have a VC review unit). I've also heard LP, MJ2, and Crack+Speedball. All great amps in their own way. Oh and I'm also on...
  4. givemetacos

    {WTB} Verum One Headphone

    You can always just buy them direct from his website:
  5. givemetacos

    Vokyl Erupt Prototype Feedback Tour

    I'm "I_want_all_the_tacos" on reddit. I'm definitely interested in participating in this tour. I'm currently living in San Diego, CA. Thanks for reaching out!
  6. givemetacos

    [SOLD] Theta DSPro basic II multibit balanced DAC

    Ah sorry, forgot to update the post, it is sold
  7. givemetacos

    [SOLD] Theta DSPro basic II multibit balanced DAC

    Bump, price reduced to $250 shipped
  8. givemetacos

    Audeze Mobius Review / Preview - Head-Fi TV

    I know most Macs have had the ability to install windows on them natively with the built-in Bootcamp software for over a decade now. That would be a super simple solution. Otherwise, you can find super cheap Windows laptops on ebay for under $50.
  9. givemetacos

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Haha I have Auteur, Atticus, HD800, and HD6XX in my stable right now (among many others). Those are all great headphones with different strengths, keep them all!
  10. givemetacos

    Massdrop x Eddie Current ZDT Jr. impressions thread

    It seems like a number of people have already received theirs last week or this week. Mine doesn't to appear to have even shipped yet. Anyone else in the drop that hasn't gotten any shipping notifications?
  11. givemetacos

    ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

    As a counterpoint, R2R 11 is about the one amp I just don't care for with Atticus. I find it overly warm and congested compared to my other amps. For $700 budget there's a lot of solid options. I really like it with my Valhalla 2. I also enjoyed Atticus on Massdrop CTH as well as Lyr 3. I have...
  12. givemetacos

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    If you are in Cleveland and want to make the road trip out to Ann Arbor, MI you are welcome to audition my Atticus as well as any of my other gear.
  13. givemetacos

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    What I do is make a really really sharp V-shape such that the headband gets pinched at the very tip of the V. It is so narrow that it essentially creates an empty space that sits above my heads and the top isn't resting on the point of my head at all. Only the outer wing parts of the V are...
  14. givemetacos

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    The Elear mids can be very deceiving because it is so weirdly uneven. There are a ton of tracks it never is a problem. But then there are certain tracks and it is super apparent. It is a bit hard to describe actually because Elear is almost V-shaped in that it has strong bass and a pretty sharp...
  15. givemetacos

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Haha you have basically named my entire collection of headphones. I currently have LCD2C (used to own LCD-2F), Atticus (have had 2 of them now), Auteur (have had 2 of them now), HD6XX (used to own HD650), Focal Elear (also own Elex), HD800 SDR, and TH-X00 (also EMU Teak). Eikon is the only one...
  16. givemetacos

    Hifiman Susvara SOLD

    Damn dude I know how much you love both Susvara and Abyss Phi, hope you get the medical stuff sorted out. Great prices on some rare headphones, GLWS!
  17. givemetacos

    SE Michigan meet (6/3/18) Impressions Thread

    Sorry to those that couldn't join us last week. I really tried as hard as I could to get the word out. I ended up posting multiple times in this forum, reddit, and the other one we can't mention. Turns out there are quite a few Michigan locals and I was surprised we had as many people come out...
  18. givemetacos

    South East Michigan meet?

    Thanks everyone for coming out, and a big shout out to Jeff for hosting us! I had an awesome time meeting everyone and sharing gear. I created a new "impressions" thread that we should start using to post up photos and notes on the stuff you heard. Looking forward to the next meet...
  19. givemetacos

    SE Michigan meet (6/3/18) Impressions Thread

    Thanks to Jeff (@jbannow) for graciously providing his amazing tiki bar for us to meet at! Also thanks to Jude (@jude) and Brian (@AxelCloris) for lugging around that amazing collection of gear, you guys really came through! I had a great time meeting all of you and just talking gear. I...
  20. givemetacos

    South East Michigan meet?

    I assume so, but I'll double check with the host. Great, glad you can make it! Bring as much gear as you want, we should have space. The google doc number is a bit misleading because I used the first few rows for information about the event. I'm the first signed up participant and that starts...
  21. givemetacos

    ZMF Auteur Thread

    Alrite people, I think I just figured out an Auteur vs Eikon pad "cheat sheet" for those still confused. This isn't going to be 100% true for all pairs, but so far from the 2 Auteurs I have had and from the photos I have seen posted, I think this holds mostly true. Zach is right about looking at...
  22. givemetacos

    FS: xxx

    If fit is the only reason for selling you should contact Ken at Campfire Audio. Someone else had this exact same problem and Ken designed some headband extenders and I believe is giving them out for free if you ask. Sounds like that solved the problem for people with bigger heads.
  23. givemetacos

    South East Michigan meet?

    Just an update on the little mini-meet I am putting together, we have now set a date, time, and location . It will be held on Sunday, June 3rd 1pm at The Lili-Kai Club in Commerce, MI. I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow headphone enthusiast that happens to have built his own home tiki bar...
  24. givemetacos

    South East Michigan meet?

    Got it. Ok in order to not confuse my potential mini-meet with the official Fall head-fi meet, let's not get into details in this thread. All of you that are interested, shoot me a private message and give me your e-mail. I'll put together a shareable google doc for everyone and we can use that...