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  1. YeNotGuilty

    Sensorcom Bi-flange IEM tips (Black) pack of 6

    I lost/ruined my OEM tips for my ES SM3v2's so I ordered some of these from the UK. I was about to only order 1 pack for myself, but then I figured someone else in the US might want a pack and want to save a little bit of money (the shipping from the UK for these is killer!)   So I ordered 3...
  2. YeNotGuilty

    Which Techno/Trance/Electro Headphones?

    First of all I'm really sorry for making another one of these threads.....   I've been lurking around these forums for almost 2 years I believe now and I'm still having problems with my choice.   I've saved up a decent amount of money, nothing too crazy, but decent, and I have decided I...