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  1. musicphotolife

    TOPPING NX3 Portable Headphone Amplifier Impressions Thread

    I was researching for a budget headphone amp and chanced upon the TOPPING NX1 thread with great reviews. Then I found that @littlemart is carrying the latest TOPPING NX3, so after contacting him, we met up this evening and I bought the NX3 from him.   Here's the spec he shared:  ...
  2. musicphotolife

    AUSDOM M08 Wireless Bluetooth Headset with Mic: Brief Review and Thoughts

    Firstly, I would like to thank AUSDOM for noticing my "New Members Intro" post, and messaged me promptly for an opportunity to review their products.   I have separately posted my review on my own blog, but for the convenience of forumers, I have paraphrased my review here.   Build and...