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  1. CantScareMe

    Audinst HUD-MX2 vs ODAC/O2 vs Graham Slee Bitzie. A few portable Dac/Amps.

    Portable Dac/Amp Combo’s   1) Audinst HUD-MX2 (£150) 2) Epiphany Acoustics O2D (ODAC + O2 amp) (£190) 3) Graham Slee bitzie (£350)   Searching for an external soundcard for my laptop was the very fist thing that opened me up to the world of sound quality. Since then I've come across...
  2. CantScareMe

    Recommend me a decent short headphone extension cable (3.5mm)

    I've searched the net, bought around 10 and all have been crap. I need one for using iem's with my smartphone on the go.   Basically, what I'm looking for is a short 3.5mm headphone extension cable (3.5mm male to female) that works perfect. I'm not a believer in audiophile cable capabilities...
  3. CantScareMe

    Your most IMPORTANT headphone

      Well, I searched this on headfi, and thought there will be loads of threads popping up. But none.   Some of us spend so much time and $$$ on headphones so it'd be interesting to see some responses, if any.     What is the most important headphone that you have now And most of all, ...