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    Campfire Audio New IEM release

    I'm curious about Ara mainly and wonder how it will sound compared to my z1r.
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    WTB sony wm1a

    This guys legit.
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    QDC Anole VX [Priced To Sell]

    My Anole VX, up for sale. I'm selling at 1420 blaze it (just kidding, I don't smoke and neither have these earphones), though if you have trader history and are interested we can talk about FF. If you're interested, let me know. Comes with all accessories except 1 pair of eartips. Because it...
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    Beyer T1 Gen 1 XLR Adaptor PRICED TO MOVE

    These are a pair of T1. It’s been a fantastic run and these are probably one of my favorite headphones of all time. It’s in good condition, slider on one side is a tad loose but that’s the only fault. I will add more photos shortly but these are really priced to move and they include anXLR...
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    [SOLD] ⭐️CA Andromeda V3⭐️

    These are more expensive than the original listing, where it was being sold for 1050 USD.
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    Toranku's Thoughts and Reviews (and target EQ filters!)

    Inability to design a crossover network with an acceptable impedance should be viewed as a failure of design not as a “we need more power” problem .
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    [FS] Oriolus MKII

    I will negotiate the price to be 299.
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    WTB: Quad ERA-1

    I like this approach. Refreshingly bad and wastes forum space too.
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    y'all need jesus.
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    I should clarify that I’m not really looking to trade down in value or for several items of low value. Thanks!
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    And that was sold. Incredibly quickly.
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    For salee. Finally got around to putting this one up. All filters are still in, and this thing is in good condition. No jank AF mods performed aka reddit. I'll include a hard case and eartips.
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    Very good condition HD800 for sale. I don't have the outer box cover nor the original purchase stuff. Serial was registered with Sennheiser so there's that. Rest assured it's been taken care of very very well and the damn thing is a tank. Even got it's own ROOMs headphone stand.... One very...
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    Sorry we don’t listen to baby metal like you.
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    What kinda grass are you smoking and how can i get in touch with your dealer?
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    To be fair if you're not listening to the Z1R through your own power plant, you're not experiencing the best of the 3019 sound that the Z1R has to offer. Though as a fellow flat earther, I must know what "all the other styles the World [sic] has to offer are". I was aware that metal...