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  1. jincuteguy

    Where can I get a custom paint / powdercoat for HD700?

    Anyone knows where can I get a custom paint job / powdercoating for my Sennheiser HD700? Like in San Diego or online? Any infos would be appreciated.
  2. jincuteguy

    Mint / Great Condition KEF LS50 Wireless Speakers

    I am selling a really good condition / mint LS50 Wireless speakers. This is the Wireless version , not the Passive ones. Only asking for $1400, can be negotiate. These LS50 Wireless MSRP is $2000+, so you are getting a really good deal here. Send me a message if you have any question. Also...
  3. jincuteguy

    Used JL Audio E110 Sub - piano finish San diego local

    I am selling a used JL Audio E110 Subwoofer with Piano gloss finish. I barely used it for couple months I am selling it $500 below the MSRP. You are getting a huge deal from this. I am selling this for local ppl only in the San Diego, CA area. Let me know if you have any question.
  4. jincuteguy

    Yamaha HS8 or Elac UB5 ?

    Looking for a good pair of bookshelf speakers or studio monitors and looking at the Yamaha HS8 and Elac UB5. ARe there anymore recommendations? Budget is $1000 or less
  5. jincuteguy

    BOSE QC20i QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling FREE SHIPPING!!!

    These are BRAND NEW Bose QC20i QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling.      These are retail for $249 - $299.  I am selling them for only $235 and you don't have to pay taxes at all. I am also giving you FREE SHIPPING (NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING) within United States.   If you have any...
  6. jincuteguy

    (Price Dropped) Aurisonics ASG-2.5 In-Ear Monitor FREE SHIPPING - NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

    Sale:  Used Aurisonics ASG-2.5 In-Ear Monitor           Free shipping within United States   Extra Accessories:  I also give you a lot of free tips (see pictures), including the Sony Hybrid tips which I bought for $20.                               So you get yourself a really good deal...
  7. jincuteguy

    Venture Electronics VE Zen Earbuds (SHIPPING WITHIN USA ONLY)

    Sale:  Used (only couple days) VE Zen Earbuds            Comes with a carrying case    Extra accessories:  I also throw in about 20 pairs of Earbud foam tips                                  and 2 pairs of Earhoox    Item Location: San Diego, CA   ***NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING***   I ONLY...
  8. jincuteguy

    IE800 vs Aurisonics ASG-2.5

    So Im looking for an IEM that has good sound quality or similar to Custom IEM, I just don't want the Custom, I want universal. So I was looking for the Senn IE800 and the Aurisonics ASG-2.5.  Which one would you guys recommended? My budget is around $700-800
  9. jincuteguy

    DT 990 250ohm Premium or T 90?

    Im deciding between Beyerdynamic DT 990 250ohm Premium and the T90.  I can run both headphones with my amp so it's not an issue.  But any thoughts on these 2 or comparison besides the price difference? Any infos / help would be appreciated.  Also chime in on any other T series from Beyerdynamic...
  10. jincuteguy

    Any headphone store in San Diego, Socal area?

    Does anyone on here know any local store that sell headphones like audiophile headphones in the San Diego, CA area? I know they have a lot of stores in New York, but so far I haven't seen any here in San Diego.
  11. jincuteguy

    In-ear phones around $150?

    Hi guys Im looking for an in-ear phones with inline mic for around $150. Anyone has a suggestion? I know the Edge acoustics GX400 but it's kinda expensive.
  12. jincuteguy

    ER E.D.G.E Acoustics GX100!

    HI guys, Im looking for that E.D.G.E Acoustics GX100 in-ear from Etymotic Research so I can buy it but I couldn't find it anywhere. The higher price GX400 is really easy it's like almost everywhere . It's just that the GX100 which is the cheaper version is no where to find to make an order. If...
  13. jincuteguy

    where can I get the Beyer MMX300?

    Anyone know where I can order the Beyer MMX300 besides that I live in California, US.
  14. jincuteguy

    A900 earcups size vs AD700?

    Are the earcup sizes (including earpads) of the Audio Technica ATH-A900 smaller than the AD700? and the AD900?
  15. jincuteguy

    How is Beyerdynamic MMX2 sound quality?

    Anyone has the Beyerdynamic DT234Pro or MMX2 headset? If so, how's the sound quality? how is it compare to AD700?