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  1. Ultrainferno

    Violectric DAC V850 - General Discussion and Impressions Thread

    I created this topic to discuss the brand new Violectric DAC V850   Quote:  
  2. Ultrainferno

    Very rare matching pair of NOS USAF 596 rectifiers

    Up for sale is a pair of unique NOS USAF 596 rectifier tubes in top condition (check the pics) from February 1957.   Those who have been following me know I have sold over 40 of these tubes to headfiers already over the last few years but all the stocks world wide are gone. I got hold of this...
  3. Ultrainferno

    AIAIAI TMA-1 Studio: As good as new / Perfect condition - Price drop!

    For sale is my TMA-1 Studio Headphone from AIAIAI. This headphone has hardly been used and it is in perfect condition. I have +20 headphones and I can't listen to them all so I'm selling several, the TMA-1 is the first one to go. It comes in the original box with the standard coiled cable, the...
  4. Ultrainferno

    X Unread posts button doesn't work anymore

    Since a few days when I click on the "x new posts" button/link on the top or bottom of the page in a thread, it just redirects to the last posted message and resets to 0. Verry annoying.   Is this happening to anyone else?   U.
  5. Ultrainferno

    Keep getting autoredirected to another website (advertising)

    Hi,   since yesterday I often get auto redirected to this website:   It's quite annoying and only happens on head-fi   Any clues?   U.
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    FS: Beyerdynamic DT 1350 (EU) - Pricedrop!

    For sale is my in great shape Beyerdynamic DT1350 which has hardly been getting any use. You can find more info about these great cans here: and...
  7. Ultrainferno

    Onkyo ND-S1 Digital Media transport

    Hi,   For sale is my in new state Onkyo Digital media Transport ND-S1. It's only been used twice but I don't need it at all. Pictures at request. It will be shipped in the original box with the invoice.   More info in this thread:
  8. Ultrainferno

    Advertisements inside threads

    I was just reading a thread when I saw this:       Is this new? Isn't that a bit over the top? There's enough ads on the right and top side already imho ;-)  
  9. Ultrainferno

    Custom Senn 600/650 cable (EU)

    I'm looking for someone willing to make me a Senn Cable with Mogami 2893, cardas connectors, nice sleeve and Neutrik plug. Preferably in Europe.   thanks!
  10. Ultrainferno

    New Message Error

    Each time I click on my subscriptions link ( I get a popup I have a new private message, even when I don't. Just mentioning it, it's no big deal as I'm probably the only one experiencing it :)  
  11. Ultrainferno

    /Does anyone know/Has anyone bought a cable from Icecream224 on ebay?

    I just found this on ebay while looking for a sennheiser cable:   The Head-fi search doesn't return anything unfortunately. Any thoughts on the cables/plugs and pricing?   thanks!
  12. Ultrainferno

    Calling all Danish Head-fiers for Copenhagen help/info

      I'll be visiting Copenhagen the first week of january with the misses (I'm gonna be sooo cold) and I was hoping you could give me some interesting places to go to, to visit, to have lunch/dinner at, audioshops I have to see, etc...   I'm definately going to the Carlsberg Brewery :-)  ...