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  1. TheOneInYellow

    Reply to review by 'theoneinyellow' on item 'Audeze EL-8 Open-Back'

    Nice chatting with you on FB @Mosauwer!   I am so glad that the EL-8 series is getting the attention it deserves with the updated 2016 drivers.   Btw @eddysugi, EL-8 was introduced in 2015, not 2014. Drivers were updated in Nov 2015 as part of Audeze updating every headphone in its line-up, and...
  2. TheOneInYellow

    Reply to review by 'theoneinyellow' on item 'Sony MDR R10'

    I loved reading this review, full of great information and detailed analysis. The only thing thing I'll say is less negativity on 'never again' on hearing hearing that beautiful midrange. Looking at the super fast advancement of high tech headphones, better and more funded research and...