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  1. Jack Western

    AKG K240 "Sextett" EP studio monitors

    Hello all, Moving on my early production AKG K240 monitors as part of a headphone pruning session. Decent condition and full working order. The only thing that'll need replacing are the little plastic covers on the left/right sliding headband. Open to offers. Free recorded delivery via Royal...
  2. Jack Western

    Hornyphon (Philips) SA5427 e.g Philips 22RH427s

    Has anyone heard of the Hornyphon SA5427. They were made in 1975-78 period in Austria, and that's about all I know about them. I also know that Philips bought Hornyphon at some point, but I don't know when. I was just wondering if anyone knew about any reputation they had?  They are also...
  3. Jack Western

    Any thoughts on the Pro-Ject Genie 3?

    I'm tempted due its great reputation as being a budget turntable, and I love the radical design too! Anyone have any thoughts on this little fella?  
  4. Jack Western

    A similar component CD player to the Technics SL-P777.

    Ok, so my poor SL-P777 is giving up the ghost, which I'm heartbroken about. Something to do with it's motor, which is brushless and  apparently near impossible to fix...  So.... I need a new CD deck for my hi-fi. Something of a similar age or sound signature, as I do love this CD deck (ok...
  5. Jack Western

    Powering AKG K701 from a ROTEL RA-611

    Hi all, I've acquired some AKG K701s off a friend, and currently I'm running them off my Rotel RA-611 and I'm not going to lie, they do sound fantastic. However, I can't find out at all what the specs are for the output on the Rotel out of the headphone port. I just want to do a check to make...
  6. Jack Western

    Replacement cable for Goldring NS-1000s.

    Seriously, these things don't seem to exist. I broke mine, but luckily found a 1.5m 3.5mm cable which fits, but albeit with slightly reduced sound quality. Besides, I want my Goldrings to look tidy again and get hold of the right cable but I can't find one anywhere. Any ideas?
  7. Jack Western

    Needing a new portable source.

    I've hit the point where I need to change my portable source music player wise due to a combination of running out of space/mp3 player more or less dying full stop. Sooo, I'm stuck trying to decided whether to go for an older Creative Zen Vision:M 60gb stand alone as my 30gb one could drive my...
  8. Jack Western

    A pair of reasonable budget headphones for the beginner audiophile.

    While I'm here, I might as well get this over and done with  My girlfriend wants me to get her a pair of Goldring NS1000s for her birthday, as she loves mine, which she bought me... somewhat ironically, but I feel that is a bit of a jump to go from nothing to using a reasonably high end set of...
  9. Jack Western

    Choosing a pair of new cans (yep, another of those threads).

    So I'm after a new pair of headphones which will be dedicated hi fi headphones, so can be driven by a headphone amp if necessary but the onboard headphone circuit on my Rotel RA-611 is pretty damn fine. Currently I have a pair of Goldring NS1000s but they mainly get used while I'm out and...