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    Post your desktop!

    Thalmor ambassy? 
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    My #1 gripe with head-fi forum members

    I get what you're saying, but while it becomes more organized inside the thread, it causes confusion in the sub-forum. The parallel questions and answers you mentioned (Q2, A3, etc) aren't ideal and I see that in the in-ear recommendations thread, but since we have the quote option to avoid...
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    NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

    I think it's not just about copying a logo, you have to prove how that stolen logo is being used in the same market as the logo from the original company and is taking away customers from them. I read somewhere that it comes down to proving wether the copied logo was able to lead customers into...
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    Please delete

    Bumping for deletion
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    NEWS: Beats in a lawsuit with Yamaha

    Quote:   You're thinking like an audiophile, which is far from Beats' market. Yamaha can't outsell Beats because they lack what makes Beats sell: publicity from rappers and pop singers. It would hardly matter if the Yamahas were the best in their class sound-wise, this would only appeal...
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    Interview with Noel Lee, "Head Monster" of Monster Products - Head-Fi TV

    Quote:   Monster has been boasting they have the "best" for quite some time, with and without Beats. I think it's a good thing to hope, but foolish to expect.   And even if they do end up creating amazing headphones (the Inspiration sounds very good), I still wouldn't trust them as a...
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    Creative Aurvana Live! Review and Mods

    Quote: Does it involve any modding like gluing the pads or do they just slide in? I might give this a try, the stock pads are pretty good IMO, but they're small and I've heard great things about the HM5 pads.
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    In Need of Assistance Please!! OCD Has Kicked In & My Headphone Collection Is Getting Out of Control!!

    I would also sell the Q15 unless you use them in noisy environments, and even then custom IEMs might do a better job. You're very much into V sound signature right? If you already have the HD-25 1 ii and the DT1350 I don't know what else to go for.
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    Shure SRH750DJ headphones appreciation thread.

    They work well with warm or bassy music, so I think it will be a good match. And I would follow the idea other users have been posting of getting new pads for these.
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    The IEM/Portable Headphones Deal Alerts Thread - Closed! Use the Deals Thread III instead.

    They're good for that price. It's a definite V signature, so take in mind that if you like very vocal-dependent music these probably won't please you. They do isolate very well, have a deep and impactful bass and decent highs. Also the hardcase included is the best I've had.
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    Meet 'Typical Headfier' Andy

          I tried to make the "the one/blind test" joke work, but many might still not get it >.< To get the images I had to click Print Screen and Copy+Paste it on Paint.NET which is not the same as MS Paint.
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    The hate on beats, why?

    That ear-shredding experience you mentioned, was it with the Solos?
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    Comply foam tips?

    I used to use strictly only silicone tips. I have loads, from real Hybrids to fake wide bore ones, lots of stock tips, Monster oval fakes, double flanges, triple flanges... And they all need to create suction in your ears to get the best seal. It was very common to have tips that sealed...
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    Meet 'Typical Headfier' Andy

    ^ I WANT THE TEMPLATE! Anyway pretend this on the above photo   "Who's this Isabellina You've been drinking Red Wine with?"
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    I'm gonna get killed for this.....

    It's not stupid, it's really normal. My guess is when you open your mouth you allow the sound waves vibrating on your skull to 'escape'. However the middle ear is connected to the nose through the Eustachian tube, and your nose is already open so it might not be because of that. Now you can...
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    Windows 8...

    Quote:   Well changing for the sake of changing isn't a good principle. I very much doubt all the compainting is all coming from people refusing to adapt. When I started using Windows 7 coming from XP I didn't immediately know how to use the new taskbar, with pinned programs and ribbon...
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    Post your desktop!

          I am running Windows 8 x64. Thanks to another user's suggestiong I started using Rainmeter. It was hard to get a decent skin which had all the info of 7's desktop gadgets All CPU Meter and Network Meter, but the Enigma skin v4 not only does that, but also looks ridiculously...
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    Buying portable or in-ear headphones? Seeking guidance? DON'T START A NEW THREAD. Ask for advice HERE!

    masterjuggler While reading your post I kept repeating "KSC75" after every sentence. The have those behind-the-ear clips, they are portable, they sound amazing for their low price (about 15$ I think). As for durability, they are mostly plastic, but I've never read about any problems with them...
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    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    No need to go down the line of assuming one's inability for math. Don't lots of people prefer the HD600 to the HD650, although it's technically a downgrade? And that can't all be just those cases where someone prefers a bass cannon to something really good. Also that linear logic doesn't apply...
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    Meet 'Typical Headfier' Andy

    Inspired by above
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    AKG K81 DJ vs AKG 518 DJ Limited Ed.

    They are the same pair of headphones sound-wise, but with colors. Not better unless you value design.
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    Windows 8...

    A very good post I found online while in despair over my lost Windows 7: "Progress halts when an agreeable arrangement occurs. Drinking glasses have been the same as they are now for a very long time. We use Kettles for boiling water, wrenches, screwdrivers, eyeglasses, the steering wheel, the...
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    Windows 8...

    I have been running Windows 8 for about 2 hours now. I don't think I ever hated an OS this much. I hate the Metro Start menu. Hate is not a word I throw around a lot, but it's very well-used here. I hate it. It runs crap apps (or as grown-ups call it, programs) in the background taking up more...
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    Creative Aurvana Live! Review and Mods

    They're not glued on, they're just hard to get off and harder to get back on. Turn the cups away from you, so the driver is facing you. Put your thumbs on the inside of the pads (where your ear goes) and your other fingers on the outside. Then push the pads out of the cups with your thumbs, the...
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    Cafe Sceptico: The Objectivist Cafe

    Quote:   Great read, I was expecting the Illuminati to show up at a certain point. It really applied to a lot of arguments, most intelligent people will be in a discussion something like this at least once in their lives.