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  1. twiceboss


    Is there anyone selling ACG? lemme know.
  2. twiceboss

    WTS Fearless Audio S8 Pro mint PRICE DROP [FINAL]

    Im selling my mint S8Pro. Im the second owner. I use less than 15 hours. I have too many iems. I want to reduce my collection Asking for $380 shipped. Timestamp: Pictures:
  3. twiceboss


    I need S8Pro before buying their Roland just to know Fearless is. So let me know if you have S8Pro and want to let it go. Thanks!
  4. twiceboss


    Hi all, im selling my ex800st and include a high quality copper 4.4mm balance cable that cost about $50. The original cable will be included. Asking for $190 for everything and shipped! Everything looks new and in flawless condition. Bought it last month from Amazon and found out I dont prefer...
  5. twiceboss

    WTS Campfire Audio Comet

    Selling my Campfire Audio Comet. I just received it today from 8/15/2019. I bought it for fun and decide not to keep it. This is a flawless Comet. Shipping and Paypal Fees included at $180. You literally can save $20 because this is still considered new. p/s: that orange symbio...
  6. twiceboss

    SOLD Schiit Loki (mint)

    Im selling my Loki since I no longer use it. I use it for about a year+. My desk is a lil dusty, that's what it looks in pictures. Everything is perfect. Just sent to Schiit this last month to fix the toggle switch. Asking for $120 shipped(excluded paypal fees).
  7. twiceboss

    WTT ex800st - moondrop blessing

    I have a pair of EXCELLENT month old ex800st with 4.4mm balance cable. Everything is perfect with box. Let me know if anyone interested with this. I will provide you pictures if you are interested. accept ex1000+cash too!
  8. twiceboss

    Schiit Eitr Perfect Condition

    I am selling my Schiit Eitr since I no longer needed. In a box: A Schiit Eitr and a power supply Im selling this cheap since I want to get rid of this as fast as I can. The price is without shipping. Shipping is $10 for US. I will pack it in a safe box without the original box. Here are the...
  9. twiceboss

    Schiit Eitr & Schiit Loki [Excellent Condition]

    Im selling my Schiit Eitr & Schiit Loki. Schiit Eitr : $150 Schiit Loki: $130 Take both for $270 Nothing wrong with them. Im just get rid of my gears to go back to my country for good. So im buying new one that has 240V instead of these 110V. These are 110V versions!!!
  10. twiceboss

    Matrix X Sabre DAC

    Im selling my beloved X Sabre DAC. Nothing wrong with this but Im going to change all of my dac/amp to a 240V. Im going back to my country soon and I need it to be 240V. This X Sabre is perfectly working fine and it is 110V. Let me know if you need more pictures!!!
  11. twiceboss

    Heron 5 [Excellent Condition]

    Im selling my beloved Heron 5 I got from Massdrop. I use it a year and a half and it sounds SOOOOO GOOD with HD800. It is warm and the depth is crazy good. Nothing wrong with it. I just want to let it go for a simple setup before going to back to my country for good. Let me know if you need...
  12. twiceboss

    HD800 DEKONI pads (hybrid)

    Selling my dekoni hybrid pads for HD800. Like new, used for about 30 minutes. extremely comfortable but I dont prefer it enough. If you wanna try it get this one instead of buying new since it is considered new with a cheaper price tag, so if u dont like it, u can sell it cheaper :) price is...
  13. twiceboss

    SUPER CHEAP - iFi Micro iCan SA (first gen)

    I'm selling out my iFi micro iCan first generation because I'm no longer using it for quite awhile so, I think there should be a new user for it. This amp is really powerful and the added 3D sound and Xbass is just phenomenal for its price. The condition is very good! comes with the original...
  14. twiceboss


    I wanna add warmth to my fav iDSD BL>iCan SA. Planning to iDSD BL>TUBE preamp>iCan SA. Any recommendation?
  15. twiceboss

    Sold HE400i [mint and cheap]

    No trading, need $ :) Selling my HE400i because I just want to try the sound signature. Used it for about a week. Im a second user. HE400i is amazing with its price to be honest! I recommend this to anyone who wants to start in this hobby. This is also easy to drive compare to HE500 and others...
  16. twiceboss

    Cayin C5 Brushed Black Metal [Good Condition]

    Price is negotiable. Selling this because I rarely use. Some scratches but should be acceptable, pictures are included. Judge it by yourself! :) Sound wise: Exceptional to those bass lover! [bass boost is addictive!] Can drive decent cans. Everything will be included as the pictures below...