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  1. CJG888

    Master & Dynamic MH30

    As there doesn’t seem to be much discussion about these at the moment, I thought I’d give my impressions after a few days... Looking for a “backup” pair of travelling cans, I stumbled upon these on Amazon for 99€. At the price, I thought they were worth a punt. First impressions were very...
  2. CJG888

    Xduoo X3

    Practically unused, perfect condition.
  3. CJG888

    Audio-Technica ATH-A900X

    Audio-Technica ATH-A900X in excellent condition, very little use. Come fitted with A1000 upgraded pads (originals included) and spare head pads.
  4. CJG888

    What happened to my tube? Leaking envelope?

    At the weekend, I turned on my main system, and noticed that the output of my CD player (Consonance CD 2.3 MK. III) was getting lower and lower, and that the dynamics were becoming compressed (only this source was affected). On opening the player, I discovered that the tube in the output buffer...
  5. CJG888

    Upgrading from DX50: DX90, Hifiman HM-650 or keep the DX50 as a transport and add a DB2?

    The rig will be my hotel room system, so transportability rather than portability is key. Most of the time, I will be using a single-ended external amp (iBasso P4, Tube Amp BL-2 or Elekit TU-HP01) with full size cans. Occasionally, it will be used standalone with IEMs (although I generally use...
  6. CJG888

    Is ALAC genuinely lossless?

    I have heard a rumour that ALAC, unlike FLAC, is not genuinely lossless, but uses an element of lossy compression. Does anyone know if this is true? I really don't want to have to re-rip all my CDs...
  7. CJG888

    Difference between HM-601LE and HM-602 (slim)?

    I am thinking about getting one of these while they are still available:) What is the difference between the HM-601LE and the HM-602? Is it just the USB DAC capability and the on board memory, or is there also a difference in the op-amps in the line stage? I gather the headphone amp is the same...
  8. CJG888

    iPod Classic 160GB keeps freezing. Any ideas?

    I recently restored my 3 year old iPC and re-loaded all my content onto it. Since then, it periodically freezes up, not responding to the touchpad. Sometimes it keeps playing, sometimes it goes silent. To recover from the freeze, the only method is to reboot, using the enter key and the "up"...
  9. CJG888

    Starting Point Systems portable NOS DAC

    Has anyone tried this DAC? It seems to be the only commercially available portable (i.e.small, self-contained and battery-powered) NOS DAC out there: I am considering using it...
  10. CJG888

    Portable Tube Amp Discussion and Appreciation Thread

    Having just pulled the trigger on a Tube Amp BL-2, I felt it might be a good time to set up a dedicated forum here for the discussion of portable tube amps. At present, no such thread appears to exist. The thread has been created for the discussion of all portable tube and tube/solid state...
  11. CJG888

    ATH-EW9 Recable - worth trying?

    Has anyone here recabled a pair of EW9s? What did you use? How successful was it? How can the cans be opened up without causing damage? Thanks in advance...
  12. CJG888

    Are there fake ATH-EW9s out there?

    I am looking for a pair of EW9s (I need something discreet and my ENT specialist has told me to stop putting things such as IEMs in my ears...). I spotted these on Taobao: It seems that they are private imports from Japan, but I can't use Google...
  13. CJG888

    HD Files from an iPhone with FLAC Player

    Does anyone know if it is possible to output HD files digitally from an iPhone running FLAC Player, using a Pure i20 or Onkyo ND-S1 digital dock? I believe it is possible via CCK from an iPad.
  14. CJG888

    Portable can that sounds like an HD600;

    Lately, I have found myself spending an increasing amount of my listening time OTG. My current portable setup consists of iPod Classic 160GB -> Toxic Cables Silver LOD -> Blaze S-1 (a Chinese amp "similar to" the RSA SR-71A) -> Oyaide OCC cable -> HD25-1 II. I am broadly happy with the sound...
  15. CJG888

    Connecting two amps to one DAC

    Is it possible to connect two amps to the same DAC using a Y-splitter, only switching on the one currently in use? Will the presence of a second, powered-down amp on the DAC output degrade the sound?
  16. CJG888

    Possible SR-71A clone?

    Does anyone know anything about this?   Apart from the obvious copyright issues.... does it look like it will work and provide some approximation of the original? Some of the soldering admittedly wouldn't meet RSA's quality standards.  ...
  17. CJG888

    Battery-powered USB hub?

    Does anyone know of a decent battery-powered USB hub which is currently available on Taobao or EBay?   Thank you.
  18. CJG888

    Is this a Continental clone, or does it just look like one?

    Just noticed this on the web. Is anyone familiar with it? It looks like it might be an ALO Continental clone of some sort.... Either way, is it any good?
  19. CJG888

    Neutral IEM for Classical and Jazz with good soundstage and bass extension

    At the moment, I am using Ety HF5s with either an iBasso P4 or an O2 (iPod Classic 160GB as the source) as my portable rig. I listen exclusively to classical (orchestral, chamber and opera) and jazz. Whilst I am happy with the speed and resolution of the HF5s, I sometimes find the sense of scale...
  20. CJG888

    Clear, transparent IEM for classical and jazz (Ety HF5 or RE0?)

    I am a happy GR07 user (QLS QA-350 / custom ZY silver interconnect / iBasso P4), listening exclusively to classical and jazz. Whilst I am generally pleased with the sound (especially for jazz), I am increasingly looking for more treble clarity and transparency when listening to classical music...
  21. CJG888

    Battery problems with iBasso P4 "Warbler"?

    I have recently taken delivery of an iBasso P4 "Warbler". I am using it with the stock op-amp configuration, and with gain set to "low" (to drive GR07 IEMs). Whilst it sounds excellent (particularly in terms of soundstage and dynamics), the battery performance has been less than stellar! In...
  22. CJG888

    iBasso "CLAS" - any news?

    Some weeks ago, I remember reading rumours of a CLAS-type portable iPod digital dock / DAC from iBasso (possibly a perfect partner for the P4?). Has anyone heard anything more about this (e.g. price and launch date)?
  23. CJG888

    iBasso P4, D6 or D12?

    I am looking for a portable amplifier to replace a Meier XXS (between an iPod Classic 160GB and GR07s), and am considering the P4. I was just wondering, however, whether the amplifier section of the more expensive models (D6 and D12) sounds better, is more powerful, or whether the amp is the...
  24. CJG888

    Opera Consonance Cyber 20 tube rolling

    I have just ordered a Cyber 20 here in China, at a local price of RMB2800 (about GBP280). It comes with fairly ordinary stock tubes (2x EL84, 1x ECC82/12AU7), apparently of current Russian manufacture.   I will be using it with HD600s, to listen to classical (orchestral and opera) and jazz...
  25. CJG888

    Mile high fi........

    I suppose this is a fairly obvious one, but has anyone given some lateral thought to the issue of an in-flight optimized system? Just as food and wines taste remarkably different at 33,000ft (cabin pressure, low air humidity etc.), it stands to reason that headphones will sound different under...