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  1. voxie

    For Sale / Trade..Final Audio E 4000

    Hi all, wishing to sell / trade my set of Final Audio E4000's . Purchased via Amazon and are 6 months old. Have receipt and original case / packaging. Pristine condition. Not a scratch or blemish. While they sound great i just need a set of iems with a bit more sparkle. Shoot me a PM if...
  2. voxie

    Lost my portable audio gear

    Hi all.. hope you can help re recommendations. Just back from a family vacation to Asia and realised that I left my audio case in the taxi that brought us to the airport. Have contacted the taxi firm but they emailed me stating that it wasn't left in the taxi! I know I did... So, in the case...
  3. voxie


    Hi all, have for sale or trade a 160gb ipod classic last generation. Bought new via Apple Store. Would describe its condition as very good apart from its Achilles's heal re a few scratches on the back. The front is in perfect condition. PM me for photos. I have kept it in a leather case to...
  4. voxie

    My ipod Classic 160GB is down and out!

    Hi Guys, Well its time to replace my trusty music machine the classic ipod 160gb! When amped it sounded great when i downloaded  my cd collection. It never let me down like a good friend and never complained!! Am now in the market for a mid range DAP that is simple to use but is built like a...
  5. voxie

    Help needed in choosing a Turntable.

    Hi guys, Hope you all can guide me... I am in the market for a turntable. The last time i owned one was about 30 years ago!! It was magnetic driven as opposed to belt driven I know and appreciate that the following is a very subjective question.... Can anyone help me in choosing one, my budget...
  6. voxie

    Shure se425 replacement ear-piece

    Hi Guys, this may be a long shot.... whilst doing a clear out i came across my pair of 425's. The reason i have not been using them is that i broke the nozzle off (obviously)!! the said earpiece. Left or right piece not too shure, pardon the pun!! it has a red dot on the cable connector. Just...
  7. voxie

    Headphones for the visually impaired.

    This is not a sad story......My brother in law lost his sight  5 years ago. This guy loves music, asked me could i find him a set of headphones and music player that would be easy to use due to his situation. His biggest prob was trying to locate the "left and right" earcup on his headphones. By...
  8. voxie

    Great sounding Laptop Out Of The Box?

    Hi Everyone, need some help and pointers... my current laptop a Lenovo T61 (i know its old but i loved it) has waved the white flag and wants to retire! My budget is €1500. I know this us a very subjective and general question but from peoples opinion what is the best sounding laptop without an...
  9. voxie

    Refreshed Qobuz UI

    Just my initial thoughts on the new Qobuz desktop interface.. looks so much cleaner and sleek. These guys much be under a bit of commercial pressure regarding Tidal. Glad that i have stuck with Qobuz.