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  1. B-Dawk20

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-2.2F w/ custom cable

    Finally received my headphones back from Audeze and now selling them. Full disclosure, the left driver was loose somehow and they were fixed by Audeze under warranty. Selling these guys because I'm moving and getting out of the audio game for now! The headphones, besides the random driver...
  2. B-Dawk20

    Looking for portable(ish) speakers for $250 or less

    Hey there head-fi whats up! Well, I just moved and I am in an area where I can listen to my music more freely out loud and I'm looking to take advantage :L3000::L3000: So my speaker budget is about $250 but I'm really only looking for things that are self powered. I'd like to be able to move...
  3. B-Dawk20


    Telefunken Tubes have been $OLD. Actual amp is still available for purchase only.
  4. B-Dawk20

    Any good shops for used cans in Tokyo?

    I know Akihabara has some lovely stores but the big ones seem mostly for high end stuff. I specifically am looking for an a900x which isnt really sold anymore.
  5. B-Dawk20

    Looking for my first IEM

    Hey guys, as you can see, Im pretty deep into the headphone game haha but honestly, I never was into IEMs. But now, I travel a lot and i think I need a portable option again. I used to own a pair of M50s but they broke and now i wanna try good IEMs, as i own a couple of cheapos. My requirements...
  6. B-Dawk20

    HiFiMAN HE-500

    Hey there, this is my first sell! I am selling my 2 month old HE-500 because I pretty much get all that I want from it from my other headphones and it doesnt bring much new to the table for me. The headphone hasnt been used for more than 30 hours in total but i think the frame is slightly bent...
  7. B-Dawk20

    Looking for a bass oriented headphone to replace my M50's.

    Hello, I've been on Head-Fi for quite awhile. My M50's kicked the bucket awhile ago and someone stole my Tascam TH02's while I was at school so I've been looking for another headphone as of late. My HD650's are great and all but I won't be bringing them with me when I study abroad which leaves...
  8. B-Dawk20

    Hello, I need a temporary headphone for an inbetweeen solution

    Hi there guys, I'm currently in need of a cheap headphone. I know I want the HD650 for my next can but while I've been saving up BOTH my M50's and AD700's have died. So I currently want a cheap inbetween can to hold me over until I can gather the funds for the HD650. Not much preference in type...
  9. B-Dawk20

    Question about setting up the Xonar DG

    Hey there, I just recently purchased a Xonar DG because my last card did not have 24/96 digital out capability. Whenever I used the optical out or USB prior to that, the sound was always bypassed in windows and I could confirm this by turning the volume up and down and it always staying at the...
  10. B-Dawk20

    do power cables effect the sound of amps at all?

    Hey guys, I left one of my power cable at a frienda hiuse who lives far away, I was about to pick up an extra I had tomorrow but I am curious as to if it matters what cord you use and if it can be detrimental to sound or the amp in general?
  11. B-Dawk20

    Looking for my first pair of speakers.

    Hey guys. I really know nothing about speakers but sometimes I just want to kick back and not use headphones so I figured I should look for a cheap pair but I don't wanna get ripped off so I just had to ask here at head-fi. Here are my only real requirements.     In the $100ish range. Willing...
  12. B-Dawk20

    Can this much EQ be damaging?

    Hey there, I have an Ath-M50 and I wanted some bass increase for some songs but I'm curious as to if this much EQ could be damaging long term.   30-50hz: 2db 51-100hz: 4db 101-170hz 3db     Thanks so much in advance. I've never really messed with EQs before so I just wanna make...
  13. B-Dawk20

    Any advice on cleaning ear pads specifically ones like the AD700?

    Mine have gotten kind of...well, pretty dirty and I'd like to spruce them up a bit. It seems like mostly dust build up and the like. Anyone have any good techniques on getting these bad boys spruced up?
  14. B-Dawk20

    Looking for a headphone my friend would like

    Hey guys. Trying to find some options for my friend. He is looking to use them for recording, gaming(probably just in general, not competitively), and his music choice is indie stuff. I recommended him the AD700 but I want some more choices to look through and I'm not sure of any more within his...
  15. B-Dawk20

    Looking for an IEM for my friend's first headphone.

    My pal has seen that I've gotten into the whole audio hobby and he asked me could I look up some IEMs for him since they seem to be the only thing that fits well for him. He listens primarily to J-Pop and K-Pop with a little game music here and there. The only other thing he wants sound wise is...
  16. B-Dawk20

    Looking for some Headphones around $100 for more contemporary music

    Hey guys. I had started a thread in the full size section but since I don't really mind if they are full size or portable, I'd figure I would ask here too.   I'm basically looking for a headphone with a more fun type of sound suited for Rock, Hip Hop, 90s/80s, R&B, and Pop. I would like very...
  17. B-Dawk20

    Hey guys, I'm back again for the holidays

    I made my first major headphone purchase last year with my AD700s and I love them but now I'm in the market again. This time I'm looking for a set of cans that have a contrast to the AD700s. I need them around the same price($100ish) and they need to be able to do well without...
  18. B-Dawk20

    What is a good headphone amp for a first timer?

    I am looking to invest in an amp within the next 6 months and I was wondering what should I start off with? I want one that is an Amp/DAC, not overly expensive, but can still power the major flagship headphones. Any type of amps that fit my prerequisites?