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  1. starpause

    [FS] JVC HA-RX700

    Brand new. Got these to run art installations since they have good isolation, are super durable, have descent reproduction, and don't cost a lot. Didn't actually get around to using them because artists in my ART+TECH collective have been responsible and brought their own installation equipment...
  2. starpause

    [FS] Samson SR850

    Mint... selling because they are unused, hence them being so brand new ;) Budget / bargain studio-reference semi-open backs. $38 new, make your offer!
  3. starpause

    [FS] Sennheiser Amperior Headphones, Blue

    Have these and the original HD 25-1 II, since I really only use them for DJ and production I'm selling off the set with an inline mic. Great sound, metal casings do have a tighter bass response than the plastic shells but especially for DJ I've been sticking with the HD 25-1 II for the heavier...
  4. starpause

    [FS] SteelSeries Flux In-Ear

    I tried loving in ear phones but they're just not for me. Dumped my other in ears locally but thought someone at head-fi may appreciate these buds. they were $99 new so make an offer =)
  5. starpause

    [FS] AIAIAI TMA-2 Components (Mint, TMA2)

    Would like to sell as a set (was $320 new, make an offer), but will go individual if there's something you're after: S04, S01 E03, E07 H01 C01 A01 Fun set especially for a head-fi nerd looking to customize their listening experience. I already have too many closed back headphones and want to...