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  1. Toolman

    Acoustune HS1690TI

    You’re about right..tried out the 1690 vs 1670 vs 1650 and the 1690Ti matches my listening taste the best. Bass are well controlled, better instruments separation and everything just sounded more coherent. This is one heck of an iem for the asking price...needless to say it will be coming home...
  2. Toolman

    Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon Owners Impressions

    Unfortunately all warranty are deemed expired now that Cavalli has shut up shop for good. I shall cherish my LAu (and LC2) for as long as my ears holds up
  3. Toolman

    High end (IEM) cable thread: impressions, pics, comparisons and reviews.

    Looking forward to it. I have all three...but my Zen is a 8-wire config. For some reason (likely due to mathching) I'm liking my Ares II a bit more but they are all very nice, affordable wires. Time to give all three a back-to-back comparison again
  4. Toolman

    Sony announces the "Just ear" brand of custom IEMs

    Can direct me on how to make a fitting appointment online? Cheers
  5. Toolman


    Was just about to type the same answer...most, if not all are Made in China. I picked up a couple in Japan then later another one locally at near half price all are about the same quality, and yes Chinese made. The only difference are the packaging and the branding outside the box.
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    I am using the Sandisk 200GB microSD card with my WM1Z...and it worked perfectly :thumbsup:
  7. Toolman

    Sony announces the "Just ear" brand of custom IEMs

    Good to see this thread revived...looking forward to more feedbacks from those who owned one. Will be making 3 trips to Japan between now until the end of the year so I will definitely check it out
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    Fellow 1Z owners...I'm getting better SQ (dynamics and micro details) from selecting high gain than choosing low gain...even when both are played at similar loudness. Is that your findings too? Do share...
  9. Toolman

    The Official Sony MDR-Z1R Flagship Headphone Thread (Live From IFA 2016)

    Many so-called "leather dressing" especially the cheaper ones are no more than silicone based dressing, which does more harm than good. It is important not to shop cheap and go for reputable brands with solid history in this industry. Leather are just like our skin...they need to breathe so you...
  10. Toolman

    The Official Sony MDR-Z1R Flagship Headphone Thread (Live From IFA 2016)

    How well can a WM1Z drives a Z1R?
  11. Toolman

    New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

    HM-801 is one helluva DAP, sound wise, and my HM-901 w/balanced card is still my go-to desktop source even with my AK240, AK380, KANN and my WM1Z is around. Why don't someone make a DAP with a Sony/AK/iPod UI with the HFM's sound signature? I'll be the first in front of the queue to get one LoL
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    Haha you just made me go back and re-examine my connectors again...they looked OK and perfectly aligned to me so it must be the cameras angle then :k701smile:
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    Modified WM1Z by swapping out the pathetic Kimber Kable yield noticeably much better performance from the player, mainly in soundstage and the upper mids (which are important to me).
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  15. Toolman

    Astell & Kern KANN - DAP with Massive Storage & Battery

    Thank you...good information. I dunno why I never bother to check haha
  16. Toolman

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    ignorance is bliss...dang those autocorrect LoL
  17. Toolman

    Noble Audio - the Wizard returns!

    Just like many who don't believe in aftermarket cable upgrades or burn-in, I'll say...ignorant is bliss. If I've listened to the number of people telling me how bad they think of Noble K10 or Encore or other negatives, I wouldn't be enjoying both of these beautifully made and wonderful sounding...
  18. Toolman

    Dita Audio Flagship - "The Dream"

    Not sure if you can have a 1960s that could fit into a Dream at this moment in time? as Dream have a proprietary 2-pin connection
  19. Toolman

    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    To be fair, for any hand assembled items there are bound to be some that will have minor cosmetic imperfection and for the asking price, a buyer will expect perfection and anything that falls outside that classification will be consigned to "B" stock, so long as sound quality are NOT compromised
  20. Toolman

    New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000's US$3,499 *gulp*
  21. Toolman

    New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000 pricing announced (yet)