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  1. Bazile

    Late to a-sync usb..a how do I question

    Hi folks;   I think I'm missing basics about this tech, but I'll ask anyway..can this be used wirelessly? ie can I stream a signal and then present it as usb? ( I have squeezebox classic).. is there a good primer I should read before asking other silly questions? Thanks. Baz   Edited...I...
  2. Bazile

    makeshift cooling

    Hi folks; I have a decade old Audio Alchemy amp with an outboard power supply. The power supply stays cold, but the amp itself gets too hot to touch for long. It still sounds great btw. It works this way for days on end. Is there any reason I couldn't use it when i travel? Use would be 16 hrs...
  3. Bazile

    Wireless range extenders

    Hi folks; I've got a Belkin router I use in my home network. (811.g) It works great wi-fi'ing my Flacs to a squeezebox in the same room. I'd bought a belkin extender with the plan of a 2nd headphone system in the bedroom with another squeezebox. I can't get the extender to work outside the...
  4. Bazile

    another 650/701/880 thread, with a twist

    Hi folks; I know you've done these comparisons forever, but I hope I'm asking the question with a new twist. Picture a recording was done right. The engineer has worked with the singer/group before, and she/he mixes like he/she has never done before. The group/singer is called in...
  5. Bazile

    I've flunked searching (balanced hd-580's)

    I'm sorry folks; I'm sure it's out there somewhere, but I haven't found a topic about the sound of balanced 580's or 600's, or even if it can be done. I'd love both comment's on the sound and or hints on searching. I couldn't find how to add "ands" to search..i.e. balanced and cable and...
  6. Bazile

    Cross posting

    Hi Folks; I'm making my 1st post here, because I'm afraid if I make it in a specific forum, it will be wrong, and worse, possibly ignored as ignorantly posted. I'd like to make a post asking about both amps and dac's, and to make matters worse, it will probably mention speakers (heresy..I...