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  1. biggbenn74

    [FS] Audeze LCD2 Rosewood w/ 1/4" Terminated 1.5M Cable

    Selling my beloved LCD2's. Recently rebuilt by Audeze with new swivels and most recent updated & matched drivers back in November of 2017. Comes in Pelican case with cable as described in title. Firm at $500 plus shipping & fees here in the 48 states. Please let me know if you have any other...
  2. biggbenn74

    Durable IEM Recommendation

    Hello there, you wonderful community. It’s been too long. I come to you today with my dilemma. The left driver of my beloved Mee Audio M9 Classic has officially kicked the bucket as of last night. It was a good 3 years, however. I initially purchased them as part of the Mee Audio drop box on...
  3. biggbenn74

    Audeze LCD-Series 4-Pin XLR Cable (Stock 3m Long)

    I have no need for it, Audeze lists the MSRP at $149.99, looking to get $80 for it, shipping and pp fees included. OBO
  4. biggbenn74

    SOLD: Fostex TH900 Mk.ii *NEW CONDITION*

    Just got these in, and they just aren't for me. Box is missing, but other than that, they have maybe 15 minutes of play time on them. Comes with cable (still has plastic on it!) and carrying pouch. I have them listed for $1,000 on ebay, but I'll sell them to someone of this wonderful community...
  5. biggbenn74

    Best IEM (For My Tastes) Around $100

    As the title states, looking for the best IEM for my tastes around the $100 USD price point. I know this is like the 10,000th thread on the same topic, but I have spent hours between the forums here with various topics (chi-fi, name branded, etc.) but I keep leaving with more questions than...
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    Like new, got in a trade from another member here on the forums. $300 shipped in the US. Comes with original box and cable.
  7. biggbenn74


    Selling simply because I upgraded and these have taken a backseat. they are flawless, no cracks and have maybe 20 hours of play time on them. Comes with original cable, box and case. $250 shipped in the USA, Paypal only.
  8. biggbenn74

    Beyerdynamic T1 W/ Original Box & Case *FINAL PRICE DROP*

    Been looking to trade these for some time, but now, I have decided to sell them due to some unforeseen expenses. Will let go easily if the offer is right. Thanks for your interest!
  9. biggbenn74

    [WTT+$$$] My Beyerdynamic T1.1 For Fostex TH900, Senn HD800, MrSpeakers Ether C

    As the title states. Recently acquired T1.1's with original aluminum case and box. Willing to throw cash on top to make a deal for anyone that is interested. Also open to other trades, must be similar TOTL headphones please. Please PM me with offers, will check back in fairly often. Thank...
  10. biggbenn74

    FOR SALE: Sony XB1000 *MINT*

    Selling due to various reasons. Need Gone!
  11. biggbenn74


    Got this on a recent purchase with some Beyer T1's and decided to use them only at home. I have no need for it. It is like brand new and as far as I can tell comes with all accessories. Incredibly well built little device. Please PM me if you are interested or if you have any questions. Price...
  12. biggbenn74


    Been sitting in the box for months now, willing to let go for cheap, MAKE ME AN OFFER!
  13. biggbenn74

    FS: BestInTheVerse Cable For Audeze LCD-Series, 3.5mm Terminated, 1.5m Long

    This came with my recent LCD-2 purchase here on Head-Fi. Works great and looks just as good with brown paracord braid. I have 2 other cables that I am using currently with m Schiit stack, so no need for this one. Willing to let go TODAY. Any reasonable offer considered. Thanks,
  14. biggbenn74

    FS: HiFiMan HE350

    Like new! Comes with original box and cable. Asking $80 shipped, or best offer
  15. biggbenn74

    FS: Denon D400 in Original Box

    I have a beautiful condition Denon D400 for sale. Comes with original carrying pouch, 3.5mm cable and original box. NOW ASKING FOR JUST $60 all fees included, but feel free to make offers. Thanks,
  16. biggbenn74


    Like brand new, purchased on amazon in 2012, 06XXX serial number. ***PRICE DROP TO $170 OBO*** shipped for the headphones and the Zu cable. Also included: Original box, original 20ft cable (braided for mobile use/ easier handling) and 1/4" adapter. Zu cable is terminated with Amphenol Silver...
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  18. biggbenn74

    Audeze LCD-2 and Monoprice M1060, Comparison and Discussion

    Hello all, It has been a while since my last official Head-Fi entry, but today, I have a good one that will hopefully spark up a good discussion. This year has seen the widespread release of the Monoprice Monolith M1060 planar magnetic headphones. Upon its release, the immediate response was...
  19. biggbenn74

    [WTB] Beyerdynamic T1 (1st Gen)

    In the market for a used set of 1st gen T1's. Please PM me if you'd be willing to work out a deal. Thanks in advance, -Ben
  20. biggbenn74

    *** Completed ***

    * Delete *
  21. biggbenn74

    Zu Audio Appreciation Thread

    Hello everyone! This will be my first time posting here in the Cables + threads. I just wanted to talk about Zu Audio and how awesome they are. One week ago, I had sent in both of my cables to them (Mobius II and Mission) and they sent them back within one weeks time, with new connections...
  22. biggbenn74

    Sony MDR XB1000, Sony MDR XB500 and XB500 Parts Lot (Read)

    Ok, Head-Fi, this is my first for sale post here. I have this currently for sale on eBay. Not in auction format, but buy it now, like here. I'd like for someone to buy these through eBay and PayPal there, because I'd feel *safer* doing so, and I'm sure a lot of people would feel the same way...
  23. biggbenn74

    Sennheiser HD650 vs. AKG Q701; is the HD650 worth getting?

    Hello, Head-Fi, it's been a while. Glad to be back. I'm considering getting myself *finally* a set of Sennheiser HD650's. I already have 2 mid-fi's that I adore: the AKG Q701 and the Audio Technica AD900. I'm currently running a Schiit Audio Magni amp to power either one. But for comparisons...
  24. biggbenn74

    Headphone Displays/ Storage

    This weekend, I decided to get crafty with my headphone storage and put them on display and save space at the same time. All while looking absolutely stunning. I picked up the hangers at my local Home Depot, they're 3 for $10 and hung up 12 hooks total to put 12 sets of my headphones on display...
  25. biggbenn74

    Headphone Modding Pictures

    Very recently, I've stepped back into the world of Head-Fi, and I've rediscovered my obsession for modifying headphones. Whether its for aesthetic purposes, adding comfort or for modified sound, I love doing it. I know that there are lots of you out there that share this obsession. Post them up...