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  1. Vingard

    FS: Schiit Ygddrasil Analog 2 Gen 5 (from factory)

    For sale is a current model, B-serial number Yggdrasil DAC. It is analog 2 and generation 5 USB from the factory. It is in near-mint condition and functions perfectly. Unquestionably the best DAC that I have owned. Selling because I have decided to simplify my setup and free up some cash for...
  2. Vingard

    [SOLD] First Watt J2

    ***SOLD*** I am putting my First Watt J2 up for sale. The amp is approximately 3 years old and is in excellent physical and working condition - rated conservatively at 8/10. Will ship to the continental US only. Asking $2,100. Flat shipping fee of $60. PayPal users please add 3% fee. Includes...
  3. Vingard

    [SOLD]: Auralic Aries with Linear Power Supply

    ***SOLD*** is my Auralic Aries wireless streaming bridge with linear power supply. Functions perfectly. Rated 7/10 for a few slight scuffs on the top plate. Comes with original packaging, remote control, power cord and manual. Asking $995 including shipping to continental US.
  4. Vingard

    [SOLD]: Auralic Vega - Stereophile A+ Rated DAC

    **SOLD*** is my Auralic Vega DAC. Functions perfectly - no issues. Excellent physical condition. Includes remote control, original packaging, power cord. Asking $1,600. Price includes shipping to continental US.
  5. Vingard

    [SOLD]: miniDSP DDRC-22D with Dirac Live and UMIK-1 - outstanding room correction!

    Purchased directly from miniDSP in May 2018. This unit is in near-mint condition. Includes UMIK-1 (additional $75 value), all original accessories and packaging. This is by far the most impressive implementation of room correction I have ever experienced. Can calibrate automatically and is also...
  6. Vingard

    [SOLD]: Benchmark AHB2 Stereo Power Amplifier - Black

    ***SOLD*** Up for sale is my Benchmark AHB2 Stereo Power Amplifier (black). This is an incredible amplifier. Stereophile Class A Recommended component: The amp is in near-mint condition and...
  7. Vingard

    [SOLD]: HiBy R6 - Stainless Steel

    Putting my stainless steel HiBy R6 up for sale. Comes with all of the original packaging and accessories. It is in excellent condition and has seen minimal use during my ownership. I will also include an unused HiBy leather case. Shipping to continental US only. Price includes shipping...
  8. Vingard

    [SOLD]: Fostex TH900mk2

    Putting my pristine condition Fostex TH-900 mkII up for sale. Includes headphone stand, original boxes and paperwork. Also includes two additional cables (see attached photo). Will ship to continental US only. Price includes PP and shipping.
  9. Vingard

    WTB: Effect Audio Thor II/Lionheart/Leonidas, Plussound Tri-Copper

    Looking for 2-pin/3.5mm/2.5mm balanced Effect Audio Thor II/Lionheart/Leonidas and Plussound Tri-Copper cables.
  10. Vingard

    FSOT: Empire Ears Phantom

    SOLD are my EE Phantom IEMs. They are in excellent condition and function perfectly. Includes Ares II 2.5mm TRRS cable. Asking $1,500 including shipping and PP. Would consider trades for 64 Audio or Empire Ears (Bravado or Vantage) universal IEMs, or high-end IEM cable. Will ship to...
  11. Vingard

    FSOT: Campfire Audio Andromeda

    ***SOLD*** are my Campfire Audio Andromeda IEMs. They are in excellent condition and are functioning perfectly. Selling to fund something else. Price includes shipping (continental US only) and PP.
  12. Vingard

    FSOT: Noble Kaiser Encore

    SOLD are my Noble Kaiser Encore IEMs. They are in excellent condition and are functioning perfectly. Selling to fund something else. Price includes shipping (continental US only) and PP.
  13. Vingard

    FS: Campfire Audio Vega

    For sale is my Campfire Audio Vega IEMs. They are in excellent condition. Original packaging, cable and tips will be included. Price includes shipping and PP fees. Will ship to continental US only. Pics to follow.
  14. Vingard

    WTT: HiFiMAN EF2

    I have a HiFiMAN EF2 DAC/amp that is less than 2 months old, with approximately 50 hours of use. Looking to trade for a combo DAC/amp unit, or separate DAC and amp. Nothing specific in mind at this point, but looking for something different. PM me if you're interested.
  15. Vingard


    I purchased an HD600 from radiohead7. Excellent communication and headphones were shipped within ONE HOUR of payment being sent! Item arrived exactly as described. I can highly recommend radiohead7 for future transactions.