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  1. ken6217

    ** SOLD ** Simaudio 600i V2 Integrated Amplifier- Mint

    I'm selling my amazing sounded Simaudio 600i V2 Integrated Amp. I have used it mainly with my Abyss 1266TC headphones with banana plug/female XLR adapter. There are other members with the same combo. Incredible sounding. Loads of detail, but very musical. Excellent soundstage and layering. Not...
  2. ken6217

    ** SOLD ** KR Audio 300B Matched Pair Tubes

    Amazing sounding KR Audio 300B tubes incredibly dynamic and best bass you’ll here with a 300B tube. About 150 hours on them. Purchased from Woo Audio in April. I’m selling them because I decided to sell the amp. Can’t afford to have multiple amps at this point. Purchased new for $1295.00...
  3. ken6217

    ** SOLD ** New & Unused Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS with Mundorf Caps- 12V, 3A

    Just received Sean Jacobs DC3 LPS with Mundorf Caps- 12V with DC cable. 2.5mm termination. I thought I was going to sell my tube amp, but decided to keep it. I can't the DC3 and the tube amp, and so the LPS has to go. It hasn't been plugged in yet. If you dont know of Sean Jacobs, he made the...
  4. ken6217

    ** SOLD ** Metrum Pavane Level 3 - Mint

    I'm selling my wonderfully sounding Metrum Pavane Level 3 DAC. Mint condition. No marks or scratches. It is a NOS R2R Ladder DAC. There are plenty of good reviews as well as great things on the forums. It is detailed and musical, with no hint of harshness at all. Comes with all original...
  5. ken6217

    Mint- B.M.C. Audio UltraDAC- *** SOLD ***

    I am selling my mint UltraDAC. It was purchased earlier this year and under warranty. It sounds fantastic as an Amp/DAC combo as well as using it as a DAC only. This review in Part-Time Audiophile from John Grandberg (Project86) will give you a good idea of it's capabilities...
  6. ken6217

    * SOLD * MINT Two week old Audeze LCD-3 with Carbon Fiber headband, Kimber Axis cable and Two Ear Pads

    Two week old LCD-3 purchased new. I had Audeze ship with the carbon fiber headband as well as change the leather ear pads to black from brown for a very nice appearance. I also have the standard headband and brown leather pads as well unopened in plastic that it came with. Black ear pads with...
  7. ken6217

    Violectric V281 Headphone Amp- Mint with Warranty

    Less than 6 months old. Mint. No scratches, marks, or blemishes. Full warranty. Remote control and original packing. New: $2,349.95 Base Price $589.95 Remote Control with relay $2,939.90 Total Selling for $1,900.00. Includes PayPal fees and shipping. I have owned or have had in my home for...
  8. ken6217

    Cardas Clear Balanced Cable for Audeze Headphones

    Less than a month old Cardas Clear Headphone Cable for Audeze headphones. Mint. 1.5 Meter length. Neutrik MXLR 4 pin. I sold my headphones and no longer need the cable. We can discuss PayPal and shipping.
  9. ken6217

    Two week old PS Audio DirectStream with Bridge 2

    I'm selling my new and barely used PS Audio DirectStream. It came pre-installed with the latest version software (Huron). I also have the Bridge 2 with the Huron software. The sound is amazing. Read the reviews with the Huron software. The DS converts everything to DSD. You can now run Roon...
  10. ken6217

    Meitner MA-1 DSD/PCM DAC, Mint, with latest Firmware/DSP update!

    I'm selling my Meitner MA-1 DSD/PCM DAC by Ed Meitner of EmmLabs. It is the most natural and detailed DAC I've ever heard.    It replaced my PS Audio DirectStream. I have also auditioned in my home in comparison the Resonessence Invicta Mirus, BMC UltraDAC, Exogal Comet Plus, and the MA-1 beat...
  11. ken6217

    Eddie Current 2A3 MK4 CineMag Edition

    I’m selling my beloved Eddie Current 2a3 MKIV. This is an extremely rare amp. Only around 13 units were made until Eddie Current discontinued this production line. This is the prototype of now the $7000 mighty Studio. IMHO the sound is warmer and more euphonic than the later Studio. This is also...
  12. ken6217

    Sophia Electric™ S.E.T. Princess PX4 mesh plate tube with one year warranty

    Pair of one week old Sophia Electric S.E.T. Princess PX4 mesh plate tube. My amp takes both PX4 and 300B tubes. The 300B is more to my taste.   These are brand new with less than 20 hours on them. Comes with one year warranty. These were $599.00 new.   Thanks for looking.
  13. ken6217

    Whiplash TWau Reference Gold Plated Silver IEM Cable

    48" Whiplash TWau Reference Gold Plated Silver IEM and CIEM replacement cable for JHA, Westone, UE and more. Whiplash Audio's new flagship wire, Twau Reference. Its GOLD PLATED SILVER UPOCC high strand count.    Sounds amazing. Cable is very supple and not stiff. Connectors, pins, cable are in...
  14. ken6217

    PS Audio DirectStream DAC

    I am selling my Amazing sounding DAC. It was converted to the DirectStream in December 2015. Sells New for $5,999.00   I have had in my home over the last few months the Aurilac Vega, BMC UltraDAC, Resonessence Invicta Mirus, and Exogal Comet Plus with upgraded power supply, and nothing beats...
  15. ken6217

    JH Harvey Roxanne Custom IEM for re-shell with Moon Audio Black Dragon cable

    Mint condition custom JH Harvey Roxannes. Have the original (newest version) as well as the Moon Audio Black Dragon cable with bass adjustment. Sound excellent. I am selling as I have other IEM's and need the cash.   These are 4 months old. Will have to be re-shelled. Still a bargain after...
  16. ken6217

    Hifiman 802S mint

    I am selling my Hifiman 802S with stock amp cardI. It is less than a month old. I have all boxes, packing, etc.   Asking $400.00.
  17. ken6217

    Which is the better sounding Whiplash silver cable?

    I am looking at the Whiplash TWag V3 and TWag Litz V3 for my 64 Audio A12 ciem's. Which is the better overall performer? Thanks, Ken
  18. ken6217

    Exogal Comet Plus DAC

    Has anyone listened to this DAC? How does it compare to thew Aurilac Vega?
  19. ken6217

    Schiit Ragnarok versus Aurelic Taurus Mk2

    Does anyone have experience with both or can offer an opinion? Using with PS Audio DirectStream and HIfiman HE-1000's, or Audeze LCD-4 as I may sell the HE-1000's.    Thanks, Ken
  20. ken6217

    Cable recommendation for 64 Ears A12?

    Can anyone recommend a good cable over the stock cable for my Adel A12 customs? I don't like a bright sound but with the stock cable the A12's sound like they have a veil over them.    Also looking for something that there isn't a long lead time to get them.   Thanks, Ken
  21. ken6217

    Does Hifiman 802S and the Classic/HD switch?

    Does Hifiman 802S and the Classic/HD switch as the 802 head?   Thanks!
  22. ken6217

    Which is the best sounding HifiMan DAP?

    This may be an odd question, but what do you find is the best and richest sounding Hifiman Dap.... 901, 802, etc?   I do not like bright or sibilant, and do like a warmer presentation. I know the older models to not have the Sabre chips in them and was wondering if they have a more analogue...
  23. ken6217

    Why is the Ayre Codex not popular on Head-Fi?

    I was curious why the Ayre Codex headphone amp / DAC is mentioned much? I know there isa rather short thread but I never see it come up when people are deciding on amps and DAC's. Ken
  24. ken6217

    Audeze LCD-X

    Three weeks old Audeze LCD-X headphones. Sound great. No marks, blemishes, etc.   Selling as I need the funds.    $1200 shipped including insurance in CONUS.
  25. ken6217

    Anyone compare the Vega to the PS Audi Direct Stream head to head?

    Has anyone compared these two DACs in the same system for comparison? Ken