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  1. wazzupi

    SOLD WTS jds labs Atom and khadas Board

    I'm asking $120 in combo includes shipping and PayPal fee. The atom has a scratch on top of the unit. Nothing else really to include except they both work, are the best bang for your buck. I'll include a USB C cable and rca(it's a plain ole cable)
  2. wazzupi

    WTS ISN Audio H40

    New unused ISN Audio H40 with balanced 4.4mm cable and 3.5mm cable also comes with a 4.4mm adapter into USB C cable. $175 Price includes shipping and PayPal fee. I can't use IEMs so I have to let them go :(
  3. wazzupi

    SOLDAstell & Kern Beyerdynamic t8ie mk2

    A&K T8iE MK2 have original box, good condition missing foam tips because I used them and they become useless after a while. Asking $400 shipped. Thank you
  4. wazzupi

    Kennerton Thridi(or ZMF variant) or Used Focal Utopia ?

    Any suggestions would be great on which is the better buy roughly same price :O I mostly listen to rock, some hip hop, electronic now and then classic/jazz I'll be powering it through a SS amp (topping A90)
  5. wazzupi

    Klipsch HP-3 vs audio technica ATH-AWAS? Or...

    I'm looking to get a new headphone(currently use iems, ier z1r still amazes me) , I've owned zmf auteur eikon and heard the Atticus focal clears(I'm just not a fan of focal hps) hd800s hd650s lcd2c he560, I'm just looking for something that's great for rock/alt/metal/electronic but I listen to...
  6. wazzupi

    IC ikko oh10

    Only selling because im going to stick with my Sony ier z1r.
  7. wazzupi

    WTS Metrum Acoustics Onyx

    Hello, welcome I'm selling the metrum Acoustics dac the Onyx, it's about 6 months old, unfortunately i need the money. Its been a great dac and my favorite upgrade in components/amps yet. I hope to find it a great home :) cheers Im asking $1750 paypal fee and shipping included.
  8. wazzupi

    SOLD WTS ZMF Auteurs Blackwood+ extras

    Yes i will regret selling these but i need the money :frowning2: Hello, I have a pair of ZMF Auteurs for sale they come with original wood case and 2 sets of pads (i have a third set but they're just the same pads as the auteur pads) comes with single ended cable and 4 pin xlr base as well. I...
  9. wazzupi

    WTS La Figaro 339 tube amp

    So im looking to sell my 2011 la figaro 339 it's the 2nd revision which was done about 5 years ago i would say. the volume pots are broken(not physically broken) and require careful tuning to keep it from messing with the sound. I don't want to sell this amp to someone unless they're aware of...
  10. wazzupi

    WTS Audeze mobius blue

    Im looking to sell my audeze mobius Im only asking for the price i paid + shipping + fee. I live in Miami, FL. Pictures will be posted on request I've probably used them for a good 30 hours.
  11. wazzupi

    WTB Any HD800 xlr Cable

    As title states pm me or post everything is negotiable .
  12. wazzupi

    Sold WTS Audeze XLR cable new version

    Hello I recently sold all my audeze headphones and am looking to part ways with this cable im looking for 100 dollars shipped.
  13. wazzupi

    WTS Cayin IHA-6

    Hello im letting go of my cayin iha-6, as im sticking to tube amps for now. The amp is in good condition got it in December from musicteck, ill post pics on request or at a later time. $550.00 Price is negotiable.
  14. wazzupi

    WTB HD800

    Im looking to purchase a Sennheiser Hd800 preffered with a balanced cable please pm with condition pictures if possible price and age
  15. wazzupi

    WTB HD800

    As it says id like to purchase a pair of hd800 let me know your price either in pm or post please provide details if you can or pics.
  16. wazzupi

    Sold WTS Audeze lcd2c

    Sold I'm selling the audeze lcd2c please pm or post an offer pics will be posted later. I also have the new audeze balanced cable (braided) for 100 dollars more.
  17. wazzupi

    Sold Aeon Flow Open with xlr cable

    Hello, i purchased my AFO mid November and because of my extensive collection I am forced to let them go i purchased a dummer cable balanced so it will come with two cables. Pm with any questions or offers.
  18. wazzupi

    Interest Check AFO/LCD2C

    I'm looking to trade or sell one or both of LCD-2C/AFO both units have SE cable and Balanced if desired. The lcd2c is under a month and the AFO is under 2 months. I also have a cayin iha6 if interested(about a month) in that. The pairing of the afo and cayin is amazing in balanced but my ears...
  19. wazzupi

    Florida Meet on May 19th and July 14th

    Hello everyone, welcome to the South Florida meet thread ! What we currently have lined up is a meet sometime in Jan-Feb(TBD) it is currently looking like a in-home meet with a spacious dining area enough to accommodate 25 people and it will be an all day event. the goal is, we're hoping for a...
  20. wazzupi

    Klipsch heritage amplifier I recommend going to the main website(i wasn't able to post the link) but looks like a decent amp and dac under 500 dollars
  21. wazzupi

    Any AMP recommendations for the Aeon Flow Open ?

    I currently use a korg 100 dac which I liked so much I sold my MIMBY but I want a little more dynamics/volume from my amp which the korg lacks, my La Figaro 339 actually demonstrates a bit of dynamics airier and larger soundstage but there appears to be an issue with the low impedance and design...
  22. wazzupi

    Sold Modi multibit

    Sold !!! I Will be posting pictures soon trying to setup the thread first I will ship anywhere pm me for negotiations.
  23. wazzupi

    $1500(budget)Im looking to upgrade my current setup (need help !!)

    I'm going to have $1500 at my disposal in a few weeks and i'm looking to upgrade in any way. I love my hd650's, it's the signature sound that gets me, I however am unsure as I've never tested out any equipment other then my own that i've purchased over time. my journey started with the compass...
  24. wazzupi

    WTB tube OTL AMP max price ->>>

    I'm looking to buy a tube amp for my hd650 and maybe hd800 later :) please pm me or post below if you are selling I'm kinda interested in the woo audio 6 or little dot MK IV SE maybe lyr <.< I know its hybrid lol. 
  25. wazzupi

    audioquest cables ?

    Hi, I am looking for advice on purchasing some interconnects from audioquest, I can get them for a relatively cheap price, I was wondering if anyone could share there experience with the dbs system models. I'm looking to start with the victoria, I can get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm for about 60 dollars...