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  1. theveterans

    Upgrade path from Hugo2? Endgame transportable system

    Amping the Hugo 2 would either warm its signature or brighten it more as well as add more soundstage or reduce it. However, you'll always lose some transparency with an amp out of Hugo 2. I'd try some pure portable digital transport (that bypasses any Android SRC stuff) first rather than a...
  2. theveterans

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    IMO don't get the IE Match first and just play without EQ. If the midbass is too prominent for you, just use the parametric EQ built-in to your Lotoo:
  3. theveterans

    Chord 2Go & 2Yu Wired/Wireless Network streamer and S/PDIF adaptor - Official thread

    That’s a load of BS. The dual 4499 chips all by themselves cost around ~160 USD
  4. theveterans

    dCS Bartok

    I A/Bed the Mini with the GSX MK2 and found the mini sounding compressed in comparison. I just can’t find the mini being worthy alongside with the Bartok. I would certainly pair the with the GSX MK2 at the very least and for tubes, Audiovalve Solaris amp
  5. theveterans

    Astell & Kern SR25: The next A&norma player

    Provenance. Green is MQA without studio approval while Blue is studio approved
  6. theveterans

    HEDD Announces HEDDphone With AMT Technology

    I demoed these with Woo Audio WA5, and at high level, high gain and low impedance settings on single ended with stock, my ears are about to give up at 10:00 on the pot. I listen comfortably around 9:30 position. With my SP2000 DAP, I can listen comfortably at 140/150 single ended and it's not...
  7. theveterans

    Topping D90

    MQA = not approved/watermarked by studio (e.g. = Norah Jone's Not Too Late album on Tidal) MQA . = approved by studio and has the blue watermark (e.g. Coldplay's X&Y album) OFS = D90 is acting as a renderer and not as core decoder
  8. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    All I can tell you is that if you don't like the presentation of Schiit Multibit, you have to move on to a different DAC. Bifrost 2 would still have the Schiit Multibit sound with just the technicalities such as depth, microdynamics and resolution elevated to what I would consider worthy of...
  9. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    Reading Nimbus impressions, I would predict that Bifrost 2 should definitely pair up really well with it. If the other two amps you noted are on the warmer side of things, definitely go with Gungnir MB A2 instead as it will balanced the warmth to something more open without compromising dynamics.
  10. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    What kind of SS amp would you want to pair with the DAC?
  11. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    Cross off RME, D90 on your list since those are thin sounding in the mids and upper mids. Not sure about the bryston-bda 2, MHDT and Holo Audio. With Denafrips, just use NOS mode only as NOS normally rolls off in the top-most range. I consider BF2 as neutral DAC (not necessarily warm) since it...
  12. theveterans

    Astell&Kern A&futura SE200: First DAP With Multiple DACs - Head-Fi TV

    Depends on geometry and strand sizes and strands counts
  13. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    I have a different view why GMB A2 didn’t make his list. The only downside with using a GMB A2 is that IMO, you have less choices of downstream gears since it has a leaner tonality in the bass region than both Yggdrasil A2 and BF2 thus can sound overly thin with certain amp and speaker...
  14. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    BF2 actually made the Torq's top 10 favorite DAC list and it's the only DAC that doesn't cost more than 3 digits in the price tag, let alone costing more than 2x less than the next cheapest DAC on his list :). I do agree with Torq that the BluMK2/M-Scaler is a must with Chord DAVE and Hugo 2 TT...
  15. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    The value proposition of BF2 is just revolutionary IMO. Well implemented D/S DACs can also portray a similar feeling of resolving ability without ever causing fatigue, and I'd even go as far as ultra-smooth (even much smoother than BF2/GMB A2 and Yggdrasil A2) that flows effortlessly, but they...
  16. theveterans

    Topping D90

    Flac in itself is just a container. MQA is 7 bits of proprietary information plus a 17-bit LPCM bitstream and FLAC format wraps them up nicely with excellent metadata support
  17. theveterans

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 2

    I don’t know how Schiit can still price this DAC at $699 but I’m now even more impressed with this Schiit after extensive A/B listening with my AK SP2000 DAP in lineout mode through Schiit Saga preamp. While the AK can match the Bifrost 2 in sheer resolution and transients and maybe a tiny bit...
  18. theveterans

    Powerful DAPs

    Coming from Hugo2, you’ll just get a sidegrade at best and inferior sound on average while the Cayin N8 and SP2000 (SP1000 IMO doesn’t shine without its amp) are definitely at least Hugo2 level or better on some subjective preferences
  19. theveterans

    Topping D90

    Given that no one can't really hear beyond 17 bits on normal volume listening, a 24/48 MQA that can reliably decode to 96KHz through 1st unfold is still pretty good. But MQA can never reach the true fidelity of DXD studio masters
  20. theveterans

    My problem with top IEMs

    I myself didn't like the SP1000 with the Andromeda. Andromeda is pretty boring sounding with it. Andromeda + Mojo sounds really fun and engaging, but the hiss kills all that excitement in quiet passages unfortunately. The extra kick and treble smoothness from the SP2000 made the Andromeda...
  21. theveterans

    Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

    Tried all tips Symbio W Peels, Spiral Dots, Spinfits, Final E tips, stock foam tips from 2 years ago. Stayed with stock ultra-wide bore silicone tips since they sound the most open across the extreme ends. The stock silicone is definitely not for everyone though as DAPs with various OI can...
  22. theveterans

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    You’re welcome I use the Moon Audio Silver Dragon BTW. Costly but durable connectors
  23. theveterans

    Schiit Owners Unite

    Gungnir MB A2 is more neutral than even the Yggdrasil A2. I'd go for Schiit Bifrost 2 if you want to keep Gungnir MB A1's tonality
  24. theveterans

    Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

    You should really try the high end Schiit MB stuff. They don't have this grainy shortcomings that you're mentioning. Not to mention they're smoother than a lot of DS Dacs yet extremely resolving and engaging at the same time. Harmonic distortion has little to nothing to do with that since...
  25. theveterans

    New TOL A&K DAP : the AK Ultima SP1000

    Just use a web proxy or VPN with a EU server and you're good to go