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  1. eclein

    Audio Technica ATH-AD500X first AT in my collection!

    I wanted to try AT and get a small taste of the house sound. These are open back with huge stage, apparently alot of gamers use for excellent positional presentation. Grados were my first really open headphones and they’ve gotten most of my money so I wanted fresh new sound. Comfy to use even...
  2. eclein


    I’m clearing out some great chifi iems. All will come with a cable and some tips and the original box. Shipping to CONUS only, no trades, paypal and I’ll pay postage. Current Feedback needed. CCA A10- CCA C12- TRN BA5 TRN V90 Thanks for looking, PM to get started!
  3. eclein

    Hidiz AP60 PRO

    I’m new owner of above DAP today, ESS dac chip sounds fantastic. I had to send a Fiio M7 back that was $200 and got this AP60 pro for $89 ....tiny thing, heavy tiny ROM just takes mini SD Cards with 256gb being the max. Anybody else get one yet? I’ve read mostly very glowing reviews...
  4. eclein

    Onkyo DP X1A or Fiio X7 mark 2?

    I really dislike the new look here so I can’t browse like I used to to find out this info. I gotta get a DAP with ESS DAC and I have $650 to buy one. I have an X90 but not enough moola for the DX200. I’ve never had an Onkyo product but several Fiios, that said if the Onkyo sounds better thats...
  5. eclein

    Help me decide which DAP to buy with $500 budget or "Help an old retired tub thumper pick the right DAP, please B4 I lock up"

    When I first got into this hobby and heard my first DAC with a Sabre chip I really, really enjoyed it. I'm retired, disabled and walk everyday so I can keep walking. I've got a $500 rebate due anyday and intend on blowing it all......I'm thinking about finally getting my own Sabre rig and buy a...
  6. eclein

    USB to SPDIF Reclocking Adapter by Mapleshade- Maple wrapped M2Tech Hiface...

    I received this adapter as part of a trade and currently have no use for it in my setup. Its basically a M2Tech Hiface wrapped in a nice maple wooden case. They sell for $189 new...I'm looking for $115 shipped/paypal---PM me for email address and any offers. Here is a picture and link to...
  7. eclein

    Interest Check- I have an E17 & L7 I'm not really using and might sell is there any interest??

    I have a lightly used E17 with an L7 dock included that I got new from another member here. Its in mint condition with box and included accessories and I might sell it if anybody is interested. Its probably not 100% broken in yet, very low hours. I've started using my D3 without any amp/DAC...
  8. eclein

    Help settle an argument please. LOD cable on an ipod is it....

    I thought when using a LOD cable from my ipod touch 2G, I was taking the digital signal before it was converted (DAC) and converting it on my E17 using the  Aux input stereo miniplug??? Am I wrong???   1) Doesn't my Fiio E17 do the Digital To Analogue Conversion with an LOD cable? If not can...
  9. eclein

    $20 Playstation Vita IEM is an excellent deal!

    I just recently got a Playstation Vita and the $19.95 earbuds SONY made for them looked very cool so I grabbed some. Right away I was taken by how well rounded the sound was. The Music, Movie or Games sound excellent. The mids and highs are extended but not sibilant and the low end is there if...
  10. eclein

    Zen X-Fi 16G + 32G more- LOWER PRICE

    1)  I have a Creative Zen X-Fi 16GB DAP with a 32 GB SD Card included.....6 months old, barely used it- I have too many and this one is my favorite one that I'm selling. Very neat gadget, fits piggyback with a D11 perfectly...sounds of 48GB of storage.  --  $50 --  $45 -freight...
  11. eclein

    Help an old guy decide- EF5 or LYR for my new HE 5LE's??

    Long story short, I was able to excellent prices on all three items   1) HE 5LE Headphones--they are keepers!!!    2) EF5 Headphone Amplifier                   or  3) Schiit LYR Headphone Amplifier w/GE Tubes (The ones that everyone recommends)   The situations is that I WILL NOT...
  12. eclein

    HiFiMan HM-602 (16G Flash) selling to get its big brother...LOL

    Hey folks, I have  a HiFiman HM-602 with the 16GB onboard Flash option, I am the second owner and it comes with the nice box they are shipped in and with all cords and manuals...the 602 works great and has latest firmware update. I'm recently disabled and have to walk each day to fight off being...
  13. eclein

    UE 700's- one of the most underated IEM's I've ever heard.

    I recently received as my part in a trade a newish pair of UE700's (Ultimate Ears) and I'm amazed these don't get more attention. First- the bass, its there its just not thumping, car jumping, ears bleeding thick with no definition- its part of the overall sound and for this head-fi'er presented...
  14. eclein

    Ultrasone Hfi??? Alienware Ozma Headphones

    I got these several years back when I bought an Alienware laptop and they have mostly been sitting. In great shape, earpads are fine and mini to 1/4" adapter is included. Will trade for some IEM's as I'm enjoying trying out different ones. I'm a retired guy sitting and enjoying music for the...
  15. eclein

    Grado Mod Kit (Grado SR60+Cocobolo Shells +)

    Myself and a bunch of other folks here at head-fi have taken Grado SR60's and modded them into amazingly good sounding custom headphones. So I put together a kit that includes everything you'll need to upgrade a pair of Grado SR60's into a fabulous looking and sounding pair of headphones. Use...
  16. eclein

    Maverick A1 Hybrid Integrated FS or Trade for E7

    Hey folks,  I got too many amps and another on the way in the form of a MP-301MK2. So I am selling or Trading my Maverick A1 with under 100 hours on it. Amps works fine and is a 9 out of 10 easily, sell for $100 plus shipping OBO or trade even up for E7. Let me know, I'll do paypal as gift...
  17. eclein

    JBL Control Monitors...Interest check in NE PA.

    Hey Head-Fi folks I'm just getting started in cans and enjoying it immensely. But cash is tight, I'm retired so I need to sell some extra JBL's I have.  I have the following pairs: 1)  4311B Control Monitors- Painted textured White by prevous owner, all original drivers and surrounds.  ...
  18. eclein

    Musical Paradise MP-301, My first tube amp/headphone amp...any tips??

    A friend on another forum put up his Musical Paradise MP-301 for sale and I saw the price and jumped, its on its way and I'm pumped. My question is is there anything in particular I need to look out for, tweak, etc.. in these-or any- tube amps?  I plan on using it for headphones but I know...
  19. eclein

    Ultrasone Hfi 700-Alienware Branded OZMA edition.

    Looking to trade or sell, comparable Grado's or AKG's considered, HM601, 602 or make an offer-paypal and buyer pays freight. Thanks Folks!!!
  20. eclein

    Fiio I got one and I'm very impressed.

    I bought a Fiio E5 the other day from Amazon figuring I'd like to see what a headphone amp is all about and the price was right. Well, these things don't really add that much volume or gain and the EQ settings are nothing special. Am I missing something??? Or are these things just...meh!!!
  21. eclein

    So I'm new to cans, here is what I got for starters. Tips please

    Hey folks I'm a retired guy living on Soc. Sec. so I love buying great bang for your buck items. I decided yesterday to find out what Grado's sound like so a very nice guy- trip221- hooked me up with some SR60's which are on the way and I scooped up a Fiio E5 headphone amp from amazon, both...
  22. eclein

    Virtue Audio-anybody hip to them yet??

    I'm hearing really good stuff about Virtue Audio gear. They have a bunch of integrated stuff and its not real expensive-anybody hear these pieces??  Ed L.
  23. eclein

    What Model are these? Ultrasone?

    Alienware branded headphones, anybody know what model they are? Are they Ultrasone? Thanks!! Ed L.