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  1. goodsound

    Fiio A3 vs ?

    Looking for an amp ~$100. What else out there would be better the A3 ? I will most likely be using with basic 32phm headphones like apple earpods and koss/senn. What about the Sabaj PHA2 ? I like the chip in it but its not clear how good the amp is. There's not much talk about it here. Also, I...
  2. goodsound

    Fiio E17 or V-DAC II ?

    Ok I have narrowed it down to these two DACs for use in my home stereo system. This dac will be see very little headphone duty. Its mainly for spdif input and line output. The V-DAC II is twice the price of the E17 and people everywhere are raving about both these dacs but what I am trying to...
  3. goodsound

    If I didn't like SR60, DT235 will I like SRH440 or MDR-V6 ?

    I did not like the Grado SR60 and Beyerdynamic DT235 because of their treble response. I found that to be too bright and harsh to my ears. However, I have always and still enjoy my KSC-75. Also liked my AKG K501. I am now considering the Koss DJ100 and its #1 on my list, but also wanted to...
  4. goodsound

    FS: AKG K-501 (K-701 pads)

    Hi, up for sale are my AKG K-501. They are in very good condition. Those pads are actually K701 pads. And underneath them they have the K701 felts as well. Besides the added comfort and relaxed fit the great advantage of this 'mod' is that this enhances the bass of these headphones thats...
  5. goodsound

    FS: Go-Vibe V6 - AD8620/10

    Hi, up for sale is my Go-Vibe V6. This has the AD8620/10 opamps. It has been gently used and in excellent condition. No outdoor or 'portable' use, just at home. Asking $60/- shipped to conus. Also check my post in Headphone sale section for a pair of AKG K-501. This combo at this price could...
  6. goodsound

    Any other headband options for KSC-75 ?

    I found a couple of options after searching on the forum -  Durabrand Radio Partsexpress Cheapo headphone   I couldn't find the Durabrand at the local walmart so that leaves only one option. Have any others been discovered since then ?
  7. goodsound

    Recabling Koss KSC-75 worth it ?

    I have already done the drill-holes-in-the-grill mod. I was thinking about recabling it but upon examing the cable it doesn't look that bad. Its ok. So I was wondering if it will really make much of a difference upgrading the cable ? Can anyone share their experiences about that ? Again, this is...
  8. goodsound

    Anyone seen or built this amp ? (you can use to translate that page). Do you think its a good design ? worth trying ?
  9. goodsound

    Portapro/KSC-75 still king under $50 ?

    Its been a while since I have been in touch with whats happening in the headphone world. Have been pretty content with the K501 and KSC-75 I have now. but I wanted to get one more set of headphones. So just wanted to check - is the Portapro and KSC-75 still the champion under $50 ? or is there...
  10. goodsound

    Using Interrupt Transfer Type in USB2.0 for audio data transfer

    I have been reading about USB data transfers and my knowledge about that is still in its infancy, so bear with me if its a stupid question, but I still wanted to ask something about the feasibility of using the Interrupt transfer type for realtime audio data transfer. What I find attractive...
  11. goodsound

    Audigy 2 NX - 44.1 Passthru works! but is it bitperfect ?

    So I did a spdif loopback test (rmaa) on my Audigy 2 NX and confirmed that the 44.1Khz passthrough works fine. But I am not quite sure if its bitperfect or not. Here's the thing - If it is really bitperfect then when I set the Volume, WAV and Input level sliders to "max" and I play a -6db...
  12. goodsound

    FULL RANGE distortion measurements!

    Whenever I saw a "distortion chart" for a headphone that shows distortion for just one frequency I always wondered - what about the rest of the band ? Well here it is - the full range distortion measurements for the headphones I own - KSC-75, AKG-K501 and ipod nano. As a bonus it includes the...
  13. goodsound

    Using KSC-35/KSC-75 drivers in another 'headphone'

    Has anyone tried substituting the KSC-35/75 drivers in another headphone ? I have been tossing around the idea of putting these drivers in a over-the-head type headphone but have yet to find a suitable "enclosure" for them. Any ideas ? suggestions ? This will also allow recabling the ksc-75...
  14. goodsound

    Replace K501 cable or not ?

    Does it make a whole lot of a difference if the K501 is re-cabled ? Has anyone done it ? What are your impressions after the recable ? Let me know.
  15. goodsound

    Where to get I-pod (nano) dock connector only ?

    Where can I get just the male dock connector for the i-pod if I want to wire up my own dock ? This is for a nano if it makes any difference.
  16. goodsound

    So what's the latest on USB Asynchronous and Firewire ?

    Haven't been in touch with this subject for a long time so I thought I'd check if there have been any updates. Last time I checked these weren't viable (or available) options for goodquality PC->DAC interfaces. USB Asynchronous was running to OS issues. And Firewire was unclaimed territory (boy...
  17. goodsound

    AKG K501 Impedance and Acoustic measurements (pics inside)

    So I got a K501 (and a HD595 to decide which I want to keep). After some listening impressions I thought about doing some tests. Blue is the response. Yellow is phase. Impedance: Now comes the fun part. I share the common feeling that this headphone is lacking in bass. Keep in...
  18. goodsound

    Will the Xenos 0HA-REP be able to drive K501 or HD595 ?

    I am zeroing in on the new Xenos 0HA-REP as my first ever headphone amp. I will be using it with an AKG K501 or Senn HD595 (50 ohm). Do you think it is a good choice for these headphones ?
  19. goodsound

    WTB: AKG K-501 and Senn HD-595

    If you have a AKG K-501 or Senn HD-595 that you are willing to sell please PM me asking price and condition of the phones.
  20. goodsound

    I-pod Nano and headphone measurements!

    Dont know if this has been done before or not but here's some measurements I did on the nano and the stock earbuds. First, the frequency response of the i-pod. I put the load (stock earbud) only on the LEFT channel to get an idea of no-load v/s load. FR:- Headphone FR:-...
  21. goodsound

    Yamaha YDS-10 i-pod dock

    its impossible to find any information on this new i-pod dock that Yamaha has rolled out. It works only with their receivers with a special(proprietary) connection. I want to find out if the audio connection is digital or analog ? Does that dock send digital audio signal that the receiver...
  22. goodsound

    Ready-made headphone (re)cable

    Hi, I have recabled a headphone in the past from scratch (teflon silver wire, techflex, canare plugs,..). This time I am looking for ready-made cable that I could use to recable my KOSS KSC-75. The reason I want to go that route is to preserve as much portability and flexibility as I can of...
  23. goodsound

    Which current model PDPs can I use with an external USB DAC ?

    I realize that almost all current PDPs have a USB connection. Does that mean I can use ANY pdp that has USB with an external USB DAC ? or the pdp's usb needs to support digital audio transfer ? In that case which pdps do support that and which do not ? Thanks.
  24. goodsound

    USB or SPDIF/Optical digital link ?

    What are the basic/main differences - besides the speed or bandwidth ? Technically, is one better than the other from a 'digital audio interface' point of view ? Thanks.
  25. goodsound

    Why not just use a buffer instead of an amp ?

    I am trying to understand the buffer concept in headphone amps. From what I understand so far, a buffer has high input impedance and low output impedance so it will load the source 'lightly' and can handle high loads a its output i.e. is able to provide more current to its load. Now...