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  1. extrabigmehdi

    A solution for running (player + headphone) < 200$

    Hi , My old earbuds for sport died because of broken cables (ksc 75 & pmx 680). That's why I thought it might be a good idea to switch to something wireless . But my old sansa player doesn't support Bluetooth (also it's probably outdated) , and I don't want to run with a smartphone.(Mine is...
  2. extrabigmehdi

    Below 500$, upgrading the srh940 (closed headphoone)

    hi, the headband of my srh940 has cracked, and I'm looking for something better in built quality , and that keeps some "aspect" of the srh940 sounds.   What I really liked on the srh940, is a bit some "aggresivity" on the  sound, which seems perfect for some fast-paced psytrance (or...
  3. extrabigmehdi

    Headphones you can wear around neck ? (like monster beats)

    hi, I know how much people find the beat pro overpriced here. I'd like to know if there are good alternative  you could put "around the neck", and enough built quality / sound quality. I find it convenient, the idea that you could keep the headphones with you everywhere you move (by  keeping...
  4. extrabigmehdi

    Did I discover a new "magical" crossfeed ? (plugin Crosstalk from sleepy time).

    I  tried before many crossfeed before without much success ( bs2b , foo_dsp_xfeed, tb isone, dolby headphone, I've even done some "custom solution" ...).   What I  wanted , is to play music "on the background" with my headphone, while working  on my pc. The hd800 is one headphone more...
  5. extrabigmehdi

    How to “create” a crossfeed (the steps).

    I didn’t like much the existing crossfeed solutions (software-based only).  I found they damage transients and when I listen with my hd800 it becomes obvious.  Curiously when I try to perform the crossfeed myself, using some high qual  eq , the result is more convincing. I will explain here how...
  6. extrabigmehdi

    mx980, for the bed , worth it ? missing my k317.

    hello, I'm really missing my akg k317 ear buds ( broken ) .  I  loved their treble, and wide soundstage.  In the online store I plan to buy, I only found the k318, and that doesn't seem a good replacement  : the k318  look thinner, so I  guess the driver is smaller; also I don't want an apple...
  7. extrabigmehdi

    Alternative to xonar stx ?

    Hello, I have two computer, with one I use the xonar stx, and the other I use the realtek onboad soundcard (each on a separate town). It's a bit frustrating , after being used to the sound of xonar stx to go back to onboard  realtek (I'm shocked each time by the difference). But the xonar...
  8. extrabigmehdi

    Crazy prices on a local store . Which headphones would you buy ?

    hi, I  was very happy to find some high end headphones available in my country (Morrocco). And it's not easy to buy stuff online there. But price are disturbing...   So I  visited a store , and here's what I  remind (I  converted price to $, and rounded them) :   senn    hd800  1400...
  9. extrabigmehdi

    40$ solution for jogging

    Hi, what cheap solution ( around 40$ ) would you suggest for jogging , mp3 player + headphone. I need a headphone + player that stay on place when you run. The headphone must resist to sweat , and the player resist to shock when it falls accidentally on the floor. For the music I would listen...
  10. extrabigmehdi

    "Upgrading" hd595, for less than 350$. See my criterions.

    hi, I've read ton of thread, this was driving mad about what should I  get for my next headphone. So let's talk about first, what I  like/ don't like from my hd595.     * What I  like on my hd595: - Great soundstage. Definitely, not much "sound on your face" feeling. You can relax while...
  11. extrabigmehdi

    Best cd for burning ever

    I was listening to the album Venereology by Merzbow, and was thinking : "This is obvious, this album is perfect for burning". At least you can listen to it , it's less boring than pink noise.
  12. extrabigmehdi

    Over-driving my headphones ? (hd595)

    hi, on my soundcard xonar stx, there's three amp settings: - normal gain (0db for <64 ohms) - high gain (+12db for 64 to 300 ohms) - extra high gain (+18 db for 300 to 600 ohms) The impedance of my headphone (hd595) is 50 ohm, however I believe the sound is improved when I choose a...
  13. extrabigmehdi

    iem with great durability, not too pricey

    hi I've read ton of review, and I must say I'm fed up with all the nit-picking concerning sound-quality here. It's lacks bass, it's too muddy, it's bla bla bla Ok I cannot pretend I'm an audiophile. It's not possible for me to test iem directly , I do not live where this kind of stuff is...