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  1. MohawkUS

    Questions on OTL amp repair/tube safety

    I recently took ownership of a La Figaro 332C amp with the understanding it has a problem involving the headphone jack. It's unknown exactly what the fault is but it is effected by wiggling the headphone cable in the socket. It's a known issue that the jack on these may need to be resoldered...
  2. MohawkUS

    SOLD: SMSL M300 MKii

    This bright red DAC was ordered on March 3rd from Hi-Fi Express and has been in active use since. Reason for sale is that I'd like to move onto something Sabre, or otherwise with a faster sound. The SMSL is too full/smooth sounding for the tastes of this Ultrasone/Beyer treblehead. :p Package...
  3. MohawkUS

    CLOSED WTB: Audeze HP Cable 2M+ XLR/Balanced

    As it says in the title, I'm looking for a cable for my Audeze LCD2C-Closed. Needs to be at least 2M in length & terminated for balanced amps. Ideally I'm looking at spending <$50 but I can budget up to $125 if it makes sense to do so.
  4. MohawkUS

    SOLD: Massdrop/HiFiMan Edition XX

    First owner, purchased direct from Massdrop June 22nd 2019. Low use(noisy AC kept them out of commission most of the Summer/Autumn.) Reason for sale: Replaced with closed headphones. Will ship with box & stock cabling. Condition is to the eye perfect however I've noticed the metal gimbals feel...
  5. MohawkUS

    SOLD Audio Technica R70X

    For sale today are my secondary headphones, the R70X. I've started asking myself why I needed a backup pair and I need a computer upgrade so here they are. These headphones began life as a demo and along the way the stock cable was replaced with a nice braided replacement. Included with the...
  6. MohawkUS

    [CLOSED]WTB: Massdrop/Hifiman Edition XX

    I realize these just started shipping last week, but they won't be to everyone's taste and there'll be someone looking to move on them. Looking to spend $500 but I'll pay $550 if they're 100%. Clean headphones & packaging. CLOSED
  7. MohawkUS

    FS Schiit Ragnarok

    I sold my speakers a couple months ago and its time for me to move to a more headphone exclusive system. For sale is my Schiit Ragnarok. The sound matches the original reviews as a bold mid-forward and solid sounding amp. I'm not hearing any relation to tube sound as I've seen in some more...
  8. MohawkUS

    [CLOSED][WTB] JDS Atom [Or other well measuring SS]

    I've been playing gear roulette too long without a known reference to keep me honest. I'm looking for a cheap solid-stage amplifier with good measured performance. Atom is preferred but I'll take a look at anything which may apply. Willing to pay(price shipped): $85 for JDS Atom $75 for Liquid...
  9. MohawkUS

    [For Sale] Parasound A23 Speaker Amplifier

    For your consideration is a Parasound A23 speaker/home theater amplifier. Your typical high power Class A/B solid-state power amplifier. The 'hi-temp' light is sensitive on this one, doesn't affect usability. Cosmetically perfect and comes in original shipping box. Postage cost will be $50...
  10. MohawkUS

    (Sale/Trade) Apex Sangaku NuTube Hybrid Amplifier

    I'm disappointed to see that this amplifier has been discontinued, haven't owned it a full year yet. Far as tube amps go this has been the most convincing to my ears, because its a hybrid it gives up less of the transient than an all tube powerhouse. I'm selling because I'm uncompromising on the...
  11. MohawkUS

    [CLOSED]Metrum Flint NOS & JDS OL DACs

    For your consideration: Metrum Flint NOS DAC $340 JDS OL DAC USB Edition $70 Or both for $400 Shipping included to lower 48. Ask about international shipping. DACs come with original packaging/accessories. These two are complete opposites of one another, funny having them both here together...
  12. MohawkUS

    SOLD Hifiman Sundara

    Pictures are in the third post. $420 to include balanced cabling
  13. MohawkUS

    Marshall Mid Bluetooth

    Sealed in box, just in from RMA. $100 includes ConUS shipping. Open to trades for other bluetooth headphones. Have a spare 3.5mm cable from the original pair I'll throw in if you cover the PP fee.
  14. MohawkUS

    GTX 1070 G1 Gaming

    I've seen pc parts listed here before, thought I'd give it a try. This is a near new Gigabyte GTX 1070, I had it in my computer for a day. I didn't feel it offered enough over my rx480. Price is shipped within the lower 48.
  15. MohawkUS

    Exogal Comet Plus Black

    Fully upgraded Exogal Comet DAC in Black Proprietary FGPA tech Preamp uses ADC conversion to offer digital volume attenuation on all inputs One analog input Bluetooth remote & mobile app(available on Apple & Android) Headphone amplifier Accepts very high sample rates over USB to allow for wide...
  16. MohawkUS

    Missing in Action: Low Powered Amps

    As I am writing this post, the Bakoon HPA-01 I recently acquired is sitting on such a low volume that I'm hearing some channel imbalance yet still too loud, and I am left wondering what is left for us high-end dynamic headphone owners. More specifically those of us with low ohm/high efficiency...
  17. MohawkUS

    Ultra-Fi DAC41 NOS *SOLD*

    The Ultra-FI DAC41 is a more recent & up to date version of the famed dbaudiolabs Tranquility SE DAC. This DAC follows the philosophy of minimalism as it does only one thing and it does it well. That would be playing 44.1/16 audio using a USB connection. It even goes without the power LED...
  18. MohawkUS

    Vintage STAX SR-5NB Gold + SRD-6SB

    For your consideration today, a pair of STAX SR-5NB headphones. These headphones have been with me two years now(about a year ago I dropped them and broke some of the plastic on the headband, please see attached pictures for the damage. Because of this, the left side of the headband doesn't...
  19. MohawkUS

    HiFiman HE-6 w/ Lawton Audio Pads

    For your consideration today is a pair of HiFiman HE-6 orthodyanmic headphones. I'm not sure if it is my amp or if orthos just aren't for me but I've decided to pass these on to someone else. I am the second owner, the previous classified can be viewed here:
  20. MohawkUS

    Beyerdyanmic T90

    Bought April 30th, will come with original packaging and full warranty minus one month. These are still in perfect condition. 10/10 I'm selling them because I'd prefer a more forward trebly sound and they are too sensitive to drive out of the vintage amplifiers I have on hand. I'm open to...
  21. MohawkUS

    SOTA Satellite w/ Magnepan Unitrac I Tonearm

    For your consideration today, an early SOTA Satellite turntable, rare Magnepan Unitrac tonearm and Nagaoka MP150 cartridge. The table is a vintage model from the mid-late 80s though you would not be able to tell from looking at the mint dustcover and finish. The arm has some wear on the rubber...
  22. MohawkUS

    ASUS Xonar Essence STX PCI-E sound card

    This card is about 2 years old. Purchased January 22, 2010. The card has been in 2 different PC builds, and was unused for a 6 month time where I had no computer. I've used this card daily every day I've had it installed, and have since upgraded to a Burson. The card is stock and has never been...
  23. MohawkUS

    SS Amp under $350

    Looking for an amp for my Ulrasone PRO 2900s, needs to work good with 40ohm headphones. I've been looking at the Mstage, Little Dot MK V, and Purity Aduio KICAS, but I'm open to other amps. Bright amps need not apply, I don't think I can handle any more. .  My budget is not flexible(but...
  24. MohawkUS

    Looking for a darkish amp for Ultrasone PRO 2900, >$350

    I've always been a little intimidated of the amp section here, there are so many amps out there, and there is always going to be that feeling that there may have been something better once you get one, so I'm just going to trust headfi, and hope for the best.   I don't know anything about amps...
  25. MohawkUS

    Grados no longer doing it for me, Is there a perfect headphone for me?

    First of all I would like to say Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and happy new year to everyone        I am in the market for a new pair of headphones. I currently have a Grado SR-80i and I feel it does almost everything wrong. For my doom/post metal it lacks soundstage, for blues...