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  1. kendosperling

    FS Price Drop FitEar TG334 - King of mids

    Hello, i am selling a FitEar TG334 in very good condition. I got it from another headfier last year in exchange for another iem. ( If you don't know them have a look at...
  2. kendosperling

    [sold] WTS Hiby W5

    I have a Hiby W5 in very good condition for sale. Included is: Hiby W5 Charching dock usb cable silicon case for the dock Shipping and paypal is on the buyer. If there are any questions please ask.
  3. kendosperling

    [sold]WTS Schiit Modi Multibit + extras

    I am selling a mint Schiit Modi Multibit as i moved to daps and don't need it anymore. Included is: Modi Multibit with eu plug Pyst cable (RCA) introprose crossconnect (for connecting Modi and Magni; Paypal and...
  4. kendosperling

    WTS Warbler Prelude

    Here is my Warbler Prelude for sale. Warbler offers ownership transfer for $400 (incl. Shipping) It is in perfect condition. Shipping and Paypal is on the buyer. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
  5. kendosperling

    [price drop] WTS Meze Audio Balanced Cable SPC 2,5trrs+adapter 3,5trs

    Hello, selling my balanced cable for the meze classic, neo and noir. It's the silver plated copper one and includes an adapter to unbalanced 3,5mm. Bought it directly from meze and am the first owner. The cable is in perfect condition. Paypal and shipping in europe is included. If you have...
  6. kendosperling

    [sold]WTS Meier Audio Corda Classic

    This amp is in very good condition and has the nice meier crossfeed. I sell it because I changed to iem listening and need to raise some funds. I am the second owner and had no Problems with this amp. Shipping and Paypal is on the buyer. For another 50€ I will add a forza rca/3,5 mm (pure...
  7. kendosperling

    [sold] PW Audio No. 5 2,5 TRRS/2pin

    Hello, as i have to many cables i like to sell some. Here is a pw audio No. 5 in 2pin/2,5 trrs. It's in very good condition and works flawless. I am the second owner and liked it for its supple ergonomics and nice enhancement on the sound. Shipping and Paypal is on the buyer. Thanks for...
  8. kendosperling

    [sold] IBasso IT01

    Hello, I have too much iems and need to sell some. I got the ibasso it01 here in the forum in exchange for another iem. The grills on the soundtubes were removed from the first owner to get better mids. They work flawless and i can see no optical defects. Included is the iem with its cable, a...
  9. kendosperling

    [Price Drop] WTS Schiit Stack

    I have no further use for my schiit stack and want to offer it here. People wanting the whole stack are prefered but i am also selling every item seperate. Every item is in great condition but without the original packaging. Feel free to ask if there are any questions. Prices are including...
  10. kendosperling

    [sold] WTS AK 70 mk II

    I would like to sell my AK70 mkII which is in great condition because of not using it enough. I am the first owner and bought it 03/2018. Some more info: - Battery is still great and i get around 10h of use. - Comes with Dignis leather case and aplied screenprotector - original box also...
  11. kendosperling

    (sold) WTS Silvergarde S - 2,5 trrs/2-pin

    Here is a Norne Silvergarde S in very good condition for Sale. Its an 21 AWG cable and matched quite well with warmer iems like phantom. 250€ incl. shipping within Europe and paypal. If you have questions feel free to pm.
  12. kendosperling

    [sold]WTS CA Fibae 2

    Found My Endgame...all the other must go. Everything in great Condition. Please PM for questions or more pics. Price incl. paypal and shipping within Europe. 1. [sold]Hyla CE-5 2. [sold]AAW W900 Universal/New Tuning with metal nozle 3. [sold]Custom Art Fibae 2 Custom 4. [sold]Custom Art...
  13. kendosperling

    (sold) WTS lz a4

    This A4 is in very good condition with all filters and an additional 2.5 trrs balanced cable. I don't have all tips it came with but will provide some in different sizes. I am selling because of all the other iems I got. Price includes PayPal and shipping within Europe.
  14. kendosperling

    [sold] WTS Shure 215 + mmcx/2,5 trrs

    Hello, My shure 215 is gathering dust. I think someone other will use them much more. I add an aftermarket cable. It's an 16core silver plated copper. Mmcx/2,5 trrs Will ship with sure olive tips and a small case. I like to get 50€ incl. Paypal and Shipping.
  15. kendosperling

    WTB Hansound Redcore

    Looking for a Hansound Redcore shipped to Europe. 2-pin 3,5trs or 2,5 trrs. Please contact me if you have one to offer.
  16. kendosperling

    WTB original pads Meze 99 classic

    I am looking for the original pads of a Meze 99 classic. Please contact me if you have a pair to offer.
  17. kendosperling

    Focal Spirit Classic

    I am offering a mint condition Focal spirit classic with all accessory: - soft pouch - 1 cable with remote mic - 1 longer cable - box I am parting because oppo pm3 and meze 99 fit me better.