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    [SOLD] Like New AEON 2 Open + CC - $699 shipped CONUS

    Hello all, very similar to my other Focal Clear for sale post. I am selling everything to upgrade to my final headphone, which I just chose as the Rosson Audio RAD-0. All original cables, accessories, and packaging included. Plus a custom cable (Male 4-pin XLR) by Hart Audio Cables (the one...
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    [SOLD] Like New Focal Clear + CC - $1,049 shipped CONUS

    All 3 original cables, accessories, and packaging included. Plus a custom cable by Hart Audio Cables (the one seen in the pictures). Owned for just under a month, used even less. These have been burned in for 100 hours, but spent less than 2 hours (literally) on my head. Long-story short...
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    [SOLD] Sendy Aiva (Like New) + Spare Pad Set - $429 Shipped CONUS

    Hello, These are pretty much new. The Aiva's were bought new, then burned in for 60 hours using fellow member PelPix's "44.1kHz 16-bit" pink noise WAV file. Then I listened to them for about an hour or less, and decided the highs were a little too sibilant for my taste (I think it's likely my...
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    [SOLD] Audeze iSine 20 - $249 shipped CONUS

    EDIT: For Android users, it is possible to get the Cipher cable DSP working with non-Apple devices! And it's actually recommended by Audeze as well...
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    Is it normal to have sound from only one side of headphones at low volumes?

    Hello! I just got my Focal Elegia hooked up balanced to my iFi Zen DAC. At normal volumes, everything sounds fine! But when I turn the volume knob down to low volumes, sound only comes out from the right side. I know it’s not just my ears, because if I switch the headphones around, then...
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    [SOLD] Brand New/Sealed HD6XX - $189 shipped CONUS

    EDIT: To address past/potential future confusion, I am aware that Drop is currently selling the HD6XX for $195. That is the price I myself purchased them at. However, sales tax depending on the state will lead the final price to be more in the $205-215 range. For example, my total was...